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Interactive "Hugel Earth" vineyard map, now in 3D

Hugel Map

 Direct access to the interactive map

The fact that the names of individual vineyards or Grand Cru slopes do not appear on our labels does not signify in any way that we do not recognise the influence of our vineyard terroir on our wines, on the contrary !

Twelve consecutive generations of family experience of the terroirs of Riquewihr has given us irreplaceable knowledge and understanding of its environment. In fact, more than half of our 27 ha estate is situated on terroir that is classified Grand Cru, on a major geological fault zone. In Alsace, we tend to say that our geology is just as complex as our history.

Internet offers such widespread possibilities to share information that we were inspired to put on-line this new interactive map, enlisting the help of top cartographic specialists : IGN for aerial photography and Benoît France for his map of the Alsace vineyards (our very grateful thanks to him). 

This interactive map enables you to locate our estates in Alsace, to understand the geological complexity of the terroirs of Riquewihr, to visualise individual vineyards and grape varieties, and to measure the interface between vines and soils : Riesling in the Schoenenbourg, Gewurztraminer in the Sporen, finally Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir in the Pflostig.

As Serge Dubs explained so well in his book "Les Grands Crus d'Alsace": "The house of Hugel in Riquewihr owns a large part of the Grand Cru Schoenenbourg and Sporen slopes. Renowned for its high quality wines, the house of Hugel has always advocated the best terroir. Its skill is exemplary and its quality image is renowned worldwide. Paradoxically, the « Hugels » do not sell their Grand Cru wines with the appellation AOC Alsace Grand Cru. Yet their Rieslings are among the finest grown on the Schoenenbourg."

You will need Flash 8 player to play this animation. If this is not yet installed on your computer, please click here.

Access the interactive map 

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Oh-Medetoh Gozaimasu / Felicitations

Beautiful website. I will spend more time at a near-future date to delve into your information.

I will be delighted to forward to my mailing list.


Etienne, it looks terrific. But I can't find the vine I planted. Cheers, Tony

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