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Hugel wines at Wine Salon, Belgrade now available in Serbia


If the political face of former Yugoslavia is rapidly changing, the same can be said about the wine scene in its former republics, now all independent countries.

Our wines were recent guests of Belgrade Wine Salon which saw a rare attendance of several thousands of wine lovers keen to discover wineries from the region but also from beyond their former borders. This impressive event is organised by Slavomir Cirovic, the multi task head of IN VINO that also produce WINE ROUTE a TV program on wine and the magazine PUT VINA that both just featured our wines.

In just two days, press interviews, seminars with presentations were several attendants were young importers showing an interest in bringing our wines into Serbia.

With the media coverage that our wines had just enjoyed, the popularity of our wines was far beyond expectations. The sampling went on, non stop, with all 72 bottles sent consumed to the last drop leaving our table with dozens of empty bottles at the end of both days.

The many guests that got excited by our wines will be pleased to hear that our wines are now available in Serbia in the stores ''Vinodom Wine shops&bars''
- Bul.Mihaila Pupina 10a, 11070 Novi Beograd, tel: 0113118747
- Gracanicka 16, 11000 Beograd, tel: 0112632921
- Nebojsina 8, 11000 Beograd, tel: 0113863888
Feel free to contact M & V Wines doo for more details.


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Olivera Ilic:

Dear Mr.Etienne Hugel,

I am very delighted with short story on TV (Put Vina)about production od wine,your family, Alsace etc. It is so interesting story so I've become more and more itnerested in wine.
Next time when you come to Serbia (I hope you'll come) I could tell you more information about history of wine in Roman period in the territory of Serbia. I am an arcaeologist,and last few years I am especially interested in Roman agriculture.

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