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Hugel bottle signing at Whole Foods


On a recent visit to Chicago, the largest and best located Whole Foods store gave us a chance to make new friends to our wines.

All the team of the Lincoln Park store gave our wines an excellent stage to sample our wines together will long time Frederick Wildman friend
Dave Bertoli.


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A bright final straight for our 2009 harvest


In a few days the winds have turned, coming now from the North, this brought crisp but bright weather for the end of our 2009 vintage. The coulours in the vineyards are now quickly turning into their automn livery.

As expected from the beginning, it is the Pinot family of grapes that scored the best results this year. On this Wednesday moring we harvest our last plot that had been left of this varietal in the Sporen. Only very little noble rot but mostly some passerillage (dessiccation by the shrivelling of the berries) which is more marked on the southern face of the bunches that on their northern face.

Interesting also to witness  that certain vines of Pinot Gris have naturally become mutant giving white grapes, often the whole vine but sometimes even half bunches where both colours are present on a same bunch.

The result will be a concentrated must of over 17° potential without the need of any selective picking confirming the outstanding potential of 2009 in Alsace. 


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Two articles by authorities on the Alsace Grand Cru debate


In just a week, two very nice articles came out which add their views to the current and ever lasting Alsace Grand Cru debate...

First by Tom Stevenson (picture above) that appeared in The World of Fine Wine in which Tom wrote a very moving and personnal article about dear uncle Johnny. The author of The Wines of Alsace (Faber & Faber, 1993),
did know Johnny particularly well. He was one of the first to react on our dedicated Blog page to the passing of Johnny by saying: "A small number of people have contributed so much to Alsace, but none more so than Johnny. I don't think that anyone would dispute that Johnny Hugel was the single most important person in the development of Alsace wine industry throughout the 20th century."
In his detailed article Tom expresses his views on how the Grand Cru system came into being, and much more very personnal stories about Johnny. A must read !

Second article from the November issue of Decanter, a very positive feature on Riesling Grand Cru 2007. The introduction by Sue Style takes all the inside knowledge of another reference on Alsace wines, as Sue has been living in our area for over 2 decades. Sue Style's explanations could well be an eye opener to many local growers... As our wines were not entered in this tasting, Decanter editor Guy Woodward kindly published the Hugel view on Grand Cru in his column "and another thing"...


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A small amount of a real nectar: some Riesling SGN

The ultimate target we had set ourselves for our 2009 vintage was to try to produce some Riesling Vendange Tardive. Mission accomplished as we even managed to sort a small amount of what should be a true nectar... some Riesling Sélection de Grains Nobles which comes in close to the end of a very rewarding year. It was just controlled by the INAO at 26,4° potential.

Picking is now interrupted and will resume next Monday for just a few more days to go. Stay tuned...


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Harvesting our first vineyard cultivated organically

Due to the weather uncertainty, we decide on this Monday of our 4th week of harvest to pick some of our Riesling plots in the GC Schoenenbourg.

Amongst those plots is our first vineyard cultivated organically. As with other vineyards the grapes are impeccably sound. It has now been over 8 weeks with practically no rain at all so we would not mind receiving in the next few days a little bit of moisture... There is hope according to the 10 day weather forecast


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Plungeing the Pinot Noir down under...

With the potential of this year's estate Pinot Noirs, we need now to focus our efforts on the all important vinification phase. A few new barrels were bought for the occasion, from Damy in Meursault, one of the best cooper in Burgundy. In 2009 the wines have such concentration and depth that the wines will easily "digest" a fair percentage of new oak... Before that, there is still quite some physical work required to do the plungeings, twice a day.

We have the pleasure of introducing to you Nick and Conrad, our two interns from the Southern hemisphere, both coming all the way from New Zealand. They arrived in Riquewihr just on time to see (at last) a victory of the All Blacks in the tri nations and now tell us that the Kiwis are the new reference for Pinot Noirs ;-)

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