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Two articles by authorities on the Alsace Grand Cru debate


In just a week, two very nice articles came out which add their views to the current and ever lasting Alsace Grand Cru debate...

First by Tom Stevenson (picture above) that appeared in The World of Fine Wine in which Tom wrote a very moving and personnal article about dear uncle Johnny. The author of The Wines of Alsace (Faber & Faber, 1993),
did know Johnny particularly well. He was one of the first to react on our dedicated Blog page to the passing of Johnny by saying: "A small number of people have contributed so much to Alsace, but none more so than Johnny. I don't think that anyone would dispute that Johnny Hugel was the single most important person in the development of Alsace wine industry throughout the 20th century."
In his detailed article Tom expresses his views on how the Grand Cru system came into being, and much more very personnal stories about Johnny. A must read !

Second article from the November issue of Decanter, a very positive feature on Riesling Grand Cru 2007. The introduction by Sue Style takes all the inside knowledge of another reference on Alsace wines, as Sue has been living in our area for over 2 decades. Sue Style's explanations could well be an eye opener to many local growers... As our wines were not entered in this tasting, Decanter editor Guy Woodward kindly published the Hugel view on Grand Cru in his column "and another thing"...

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Brian Ziegler:

I'd like to say congrats for getting the Hugel point of view in November's Decanter issue--I hope you keep a good thing going by not following the crowd! I love your wines and finally (after searching long and hard) found some Jubilee Riesling in Chicago. It's tough to find Jubilee in stores in Chicago because of restrictive distribution. Also, I'm a writer for Chicago Foodies blog (www.chicagofoodies.com) and I'd love to write up some of your wines. I'm a big Alsace fan and I've also enjoyed your wines.


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