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Visit of Jeffrey Grosset, iconic Australian dry Riesling producer


A very nice break today in our harvest routine to receive distinctive visitors from "down under". Iconic Aussie proprietor Jeffrey Grosset with partner Stephanie Toole (who owns Mount Horrocks Wines) and two of Jeffreys' staff, who are responsible for the quality control and cellar management.

The visit included a vineyards tour, sampling of the Pinot Gris grapes being picked that day and an extensive tasting of our latest (and future) releases of Rieslings and some older vintages...

Jeffrey has been a leader in Australia in the use of stelvin (screw caps) closures and interested to see that we also did some tests with this alternative closure. We just could not resist showing our friends the latest version of DIAM, the closure that we are now using on all of our wines [learn more]


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Harvesting our best Rieslings in the Schoenenbourg

Hugel | RschbgF | 600x600 | Wine Media Library

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Late Harvest on October 13, 2010

Hugel | 600x600 | Wine Media Library

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The following day, we had the visit of the INAO inspector who came to verify the volumes and must weights, issuing the official certificat


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2 weeks into our harvest, Video report


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Top 10 wine regions worth a second look


This story by travel writer Ted Loos was just sent to us. It appreared on Smart Luxury Travel Magazine  A must read !

"Some of the most soulful places in the world of wine are often passed over or pigeonholed based on factors like geography and reputation. Some of these regions are just taking root while others are long-established, but a visit to any one of them could forever change your idea of what to drink with dinner - not to mention what it's like to visit a winery.

The stellar whites from this lovely area bordering Germany - mainly gewürztraminers, rieslings, and pinot gris - are among the most sophisticated and food-friendly on the planet. They're second to none with spicy Asian dishes because of the natural aromatics in the grapes as well as the high acid levels that develop in a chilly climate."

Anybody listening ? See the full article which recommends our wines and a visit to the Hugel cellars.

Alsace is on top of this top 10 list, just as it was a few months ago on Lonely Planet's top 10 list. Something must be true ;-)


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Beginning of week 2, and first Rieslings


The first days devoted to the Riesling grape variety as far as purchased grapes are concerned, certainly brings the best hopes for our 2010 vintage.The levels of maturity are beyond our expectations with most lots well over 12,5° potential and probably the biggest surprise is how sound these grapes are !  This is our latest ripening variety and it is commonly the best indicator of the overall quality of a vintage. The road seems to be paved for a very good 2010 in Alsace.

The weather also seems to be on our side, the low presure system that went by on Monday night brought just some insignificant rain.  The 10 day weather forecast remains idillic for the foreseable future...


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The vineyards, scene of the World Rally Championship


The end of this first week is disturbed when it come to the harvest with the passage through the vineyard around us of the Rallye de France. This is the very first time that Alsace is the scene of a World Rally Championship. The local heroe Sebastien LOEB is well on his way to secure his 7th championship title. All of Alsace is along the roads to cheer but the access to the vineyard is seriously restricted in most villages.

Since Thursday and for the rest of the week we started to receive the first gewurztraminers purchased from vineyards located mainly in the region south of Colmar in clay and limestone soils. The degrees are excellent here again with an average over 13° and grapes that are mostly healthy. In our estate, a limited team of 15 pickers harvest some lesser gewurztraminers vineyards located in the lighter terroirs of Riquewihr.


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Photos of our 2010 vintage

Hugel | 640x640 | Wine Media Library

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