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Japan, we love you and want to support you. Gambatte !


Just could not resist posting the message above our Japanese importer Jeroboam sent out this very morning, March 17 to its private customers. An even more moving letter was sent out on March 18. A must read which tells more about Japan than any Western media tells us...
It seems the further away from the devastated area people are the more worried they get. We, like the whole World admire you (except perhaps the Fukushima nuclear plant operator).
Help Japan 


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In China, Hangzhou now rhymes with Hugel

A 3rd visit in just over a year to a city I have to confess I had never heard of just a couple of years ago...
The very last 4 days of this Asian marathon has simply been the most eye opening of the striving pace of changes in China's top hospitality sector.
A couple days weekend in Shanghai, staying at the gorgeous as ever Puli and then a high speed journey to the amazing scenic and striving city of Hangzhou, now just 40' by train from Shanghai vs 2 hours a couple of years ago !
Following last December's Shangri-La roadshow trade dinner that were attended by both Dutch GM friends of the local Four Seasons and Intercontinental hotels. The latest adition to the collection of China's finest hotel properties.
With the orchestration of Summergate's Hangzhou bureau chief Grace Ling, I was "shared" between equally gracious and generous GM hosts, Ruud van Dijk of Four Seasons Hangzhou Westlake, its amazing location and a must see Spa and the following day by the new city landmark, golden bowl spaceship Intercontinental Hangzhou with longtime Hugel supporter GM Rob Spiekerman who both treated the Hugel scion like China's latest Emperor !
Another sign of the booming hospitality sector is the opening of independant restaurants such as Yee Chino with 160 seats including some exquisite private rooms...
A selection of pictures of these intense events are to be found below, with descriptions on the upper part of each photo. Enjoy and book your flight !

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