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Hugel featured in DISCOVERY MAGAZINE on board Cathay Pacific


Nice story by Patrick Garrett who returns to the places visited by his grandfather in the late 50's. 

Some very nice comments: "Alsatian towns and villages are a joy to behold; romantic, picture-perfect, like something from a fairy tale. The walled town of Riquewihr is often referred to as The Pearl of Alsace. "Here," Grandpa had written, "one walks straight back into the past." For me, Riquewihr was a must-see not only for its historic streets and abundant floral displays but also because it is home to the internationally renowned winemaker Hugel & Fils."

... and more kind words:

"It is hard to believe that a wine that is imported and admired by connoisseurs in at least 100 countries can retain the feel of a cottage industry. Every single grape has to be transported in through Riquewihr's winding cobbled streets -- and every bottle carefully trucked out. One of Hugel's fermenting barrels, still in use today, dates back to 1715. Modern management consultants must look aghast at the process. Switching to a purpose-built facility on an industrial estate would free up lucrative real-estate and Hugel could increase output tenfold. But after 373 years in Riquewihr, Etienne Hugel knows that would be madness. "We are not industrial," he said firmly. Instead their wines are crafted as perfectly as Riquewihr's Renaissance buildings. Sampling a Hugel's riesling one experiences a classic Alsace wine -- pure, clean, elegant, the bouquet fruity, with a slight mineral hint of the terroir."

The full story here

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