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GROSSI LAÜE, a milestone in our history


"Grossi Laüe (Grosse Lage in German) signifies the finest vineyards in Alsace dialect and represents an equivalent to the German Grosses Gewächs or the Burgundian Grand Cru." 

Stephan Reinhardt, Robert Parker's Wine Advocate #221

For 3 months, since this Robert Parker reviews came out, the pressure on our family builds up as many fans of our wines are wondering when these wines will become available. 

In just a few months more amazing press coverage has come out, James Suckling devoting an entire guide to the wines of Alsace, with 3 Famille Hugel wines featured in his top 10 (Riesling Grossi Laüe 2010 Nr 8 with 97/100) and last but not least, Bettane+Desseauve awarding Riesling Grossi Laüe 2010 the perfect 20/20 !

Another sign the family moves in the right direction is the attention recently payed to us by some wine trade figures  from respected producers to established merchants. A few weeks ago the family received together Napa Valley auction highest bidder with Opus One CEO together with prominent Bordeaux châteaux accompanied by Berry Bros. & Rudd head buyer. 
We had the good idea to immortalize this visit on a Video with Marc and Etienne commenting the evolutions with reactions and testimonies from our distinguished visitors

It shows better than we would have been able to ever express it ourselves the changes occurring at Famille Hugel. As a result, Berry Bros. & Rudd made an offer of our entire new range of wines to their UK clients with a comment which has made the entire family very proud: "despite having bought large quantities of Alsace wine for both myself and the business, I had never until a few weeks ago set foot in the Hugel winery. For me Hugel had always been a highly regarded producer but one that was more geared for high-quality commercial wines rather than the top-end elite. How wrong I was! "

We have now already received delivery of the elegant 6 bottles cartons and our Domaine Hugel brochure to be inserted in those cartons are with the printer. 

Due to the combination of a small crop in 2010 (the Grossi Laüe launch vintage) and and a more drastic selection of the vineyard plots used, the production of those wines is between half and 1/3rd of typical Jubilee production, whose last vintage will be 2009.   

The production of 2010 Pinot Gris Grossi Laüe is just 3528 bottles, of the 2010 Riesling Grossi Laüe we just made 5292 bottles, slightly larger volumes of 2010 Gewurztraminer Grossi Laüe with 7998 bottles and finally just 3133 bottles of 2010 Pinot Noir Grossi Laüe 

The family will do its best to allocate these wines in the fairest possible way. Feel free to contact our importers for more details on the availability of Grossi Laüe wines in your region


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Excellent scores in Tanzer's IWC


For the first time Ian D'Agata reviewed the wines of Alsace for Stephen Tanzer's International Wine Cellar.

See our full reviews here. Excellent scores for our wines in the upper 90's

2009 Riesling Selection De Grains Nobles(9.6% alcohol, 8.6 g/l total acidity, 220 g/l residual sugar):  Bright straw-gold.  A botrytis bomb on the nose, which is atypical for 2009, but I'm not going to quibble:  sexy marmaladey, smoky botrytis notes magically enhance the peach, apricot and floral aromas.  Then compellingly sweet and magically mouthcoating, with very pure, harmonious acidity lifting the crystallized ginger and tropical yellow fruit flavors.  I tasted this again just as I was getting up from the table to leave, and the rich finish lasted until my next appointment (in another town!).  This bottle sports a neck label in honor of Jean Hugel, who did so much for Alsace wines, and who passed away in 2009. 97
2010 Riesling Selection De Grains Nobles(10.6% alcohol:, 12.6 g/l total acidity, 120 g/l residual sugar):  Pale, bright yellow.  Very pure, high-pitched aromas of lemon tart, ginger, mango juice and marzipan, with a suggestion of candied violet.  Moderately glyceral but not at all heavy, this SGN stands out for its mindblowing balance of sugars and acids, its firm structure, and the vivacity and exceptional purity of its ripe pineapple, lemon, white peach and minerals flavors.  The extremely long, palate-staining finish shows an utterly pristine, crystalline, almost steely quality that reminded me of the the Scharzhofberg in the Saar and the Abtsberg in the Ruwer.  As riesling SGNs are among my favorite wines in the world, I have had every one made by Hugel since the 1976 vintage numerous times, and this is without question one of the best I have ever tasted.  Made from grapes grown between the Schoenenbourg and the Sporen on a site called Engelsreben (which translates to "vineyard of the angel"), this is completely different in style from the 2009 but just as memorable.  98(+?)
but also for our more entry level wines:
2011 Gewurztraminer($24) Bright straw.  Soft citrus scents along with mirabelle and cinnamon honey on the nose.  Then compellingly sappy in the mouth, with off-dry flavors of crystallized citrus, ginger and mango.  Turns very floral on the high-acid finish.  A very stylish gewurz in the typical refined Hugel mode.  From 80% purchased grapes. 90
2010 Riesling($24) Pale straw-green.  Precise, perfumed aromas of white flowers, lime, chamomile, crystallized ginger and tequila.  Then pure, refined and balanced, with sneaky concentration and lovely purity to the white stone, lemon and ginger flavors.  Ripe mineral-driven acidity really extends the finish.  This clocks in at 7.5 g/l total acidity (vs. 7.2 g/l in the 2011), but the must had 11 g/l and so the Hugels chose to do a partial malolactic fermentation.  Offhand, I can't remember a better base riesling from Hugel, ever.  Very well done! 89
See the full reviews here


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Hugel featured in DISCOVERY MAGAZINE on board Cathay Pacific


Nice story by Patrick Garrett who returns to the places visited by his grandfather in the late 50's. 

Some very nice comments: "Alsatian towns and villages are a joy to behold; romantic, picture-perfect, like something from a fairy tale. The walled town of Riquewihr is often referred to as The Pearl of Alsace. "Here," Grandpa had written, "one walks straight back into the past." For me, Riquewihr was a must-see not only for its historic streets and abundant floral displays but also because it is home to the internationally renowned winemaker Hugel & Fils."

More "Hugel featured in DISCOVERY MAGAZINE on board Cathay Pacific" »


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Recognized in the 10 for 10 Wine Intelligence Business Awards


Wine Intelligence awarded the Hugel scion (Etienne) from an impressive list of 30 for their awards for "10 wine industry figures who have made a significant contribution to the business of wine over the past decade - voted for by a panel of 10 leading figures from the global wine industry"

The report of the ceremony during Vinexpo Asia Pacific in Hong Kong here

The info is relayed on Meiningers WBI and the list of nominees is quite impressive: MW's Gérard Basset, Lynn Sherriff and Tim Atkin, but also Robert Parker, Miguel Torres, Ian Harris, Michel Rolland or Eduardo Chadwick... So why me ?

Anyway, my family and friends must be proud, a clear sign of ageing too but I am NOT the oldest in that list ;-)



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QR code to Gary Vay-ner-chuk pick of our 2009 Gentil rated 89


Fantastic  review by Gary Vaynerchuk who picks our 2009 Gentil in his well-priced wines, with an amazing 89 Points

Copy the QR code qrcode


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NBC Today, Hugel Riesling for your Holiday Meal

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


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Top 10 wine regions worth a second look


This story by travel writer Ted Loos was just sent to us. It appreared on Smart Luxury Travel Magazine  A must read !

"Some of the most soulful places in the world of wine are often passed over or pigeonholed based on factors like geography and reputation. Some of these regions are just taking root while others are long-established, but a visit to any one of them could forever change your idea of what to drink with dinner - not to mention what it's like to visit a winery.

The stellar whites from this lovely area bordering Germany - mainly gewürztraminers, rieslings, and pinot gris - are among the most sophisticated and food-friendly on the planet. They're second to none with spicy Asian dishes because of the natural aromatics in the grapes as well as the high acid levels that develop in a chilly climate."

Anybody listening ? See the full article which recommends our wines and a visit to the Hugel cellars.

Alsace is on top of this top 10 list, just as it was a few months ago on Lonely Planet's top 10 list. Something must be true ;-)


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Father and son tasting with Stephen Tanzer


Few US wine writers have over the years given as much attention to Alsace wines as Stephen Tanzer and year in, year out, he has spent a considerable amount of time visiting our region to taste and understand its wines as past reports of his International Wine Cellar can testify.

Having completed his very first vintage in the family company in 2009 with his cousin Marc André, Jean Frédéric was delighted to be able to present "his" vintage together with wines from the vintage 2008 together with his dad in the offices of our US importer Frederick Wildman in New York.

Some comments should follow shortly on Stephan Tanzer's new Winophilia, a free on-line e-zine dedicated to increasing your knowledge of wine, provoking your imagination, and stimulating your taste buds... Log on !


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Gentil 2008 Wine of the Week on Businessweek


Gentil 2008 ($17), this week's Wine of the Week, is pure, fruit-filled enchantment. It's a quaffable combination of bright, sparkly fruit, ripe melons and peaches, crisp citrus flavors, floral notes, and even a touch of slatey minerality. It's a real crowd pleaser and the perfect wine for a summer soirée--it will, after all, bring people together and make them happy.

Read the full story and fun interview by Nick Passmore on BusinessWeek.com

Also listen to the Podcast on Nickonwine


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Alsace in the Top 10 destinations in 2010 for Lonely Planet

best-in-travel-2010.jpg Alsace has been singled out as one of the hot regions in the world to visit this year by the Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2010.

The annual Best in Travel guide aims to give "a collection of the world's best journeys, destinations and experiences for the year ahead" to "take travellers out of the ordinary". One of the highlights of the guide is the Top 10 regions which brings Alsace to the forefront.

Top 10 of regions to visit in 2010
1. Alsace (France)
2. Bali (Indonesia)
3. Fernando de Noronha (Brazil)
4. Goa (India)
5. Corridor of Koh Kong (Cambodia)
6. Lake Baikal (Russia)
7. Oaxaca (Mexico)
8. South Africa
9. The Lake District (England)
10. South East of Western Australia


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Two articles by authorities on the Alsace Grand Cru debate


In just a week, two very nice articles came out which add their views to the current and ever lasting Alsace Grand Cru debate...

First by Tom Stevenson (picture above) that appeared in The World of Fine Wine in which Tom wrote a very moving and personnal article about dear uncle Johnny. The author of The Wines of Alsace (Faber & Faber, 1993),
did know Johnny particularly well. He was one of the first to react on our dedicated Blog page to the passing of Johnny by saying: "A small number of people have contributed so much to Alsace, but none more so than Johnny. I don't think that anyone would dispute that Johnny Hugel was the single most important person in the development of Alsace wine industry throughout the 20th century."
In his detailed article Tom expresses his views on how the Grand Cru system came into being, and much more very personnal stories about Johnny. A must read !

Second article from the November issue of Decanter, a very positive feature on Riesling Grand Cru 2007. The introduction by Sue Style takes all the inside knowledge of another reference on Alsace wines, as Sue has been living in our area for over 2 decades. Sue Style's explanations could well be an eye opener to many local growers... As our wines were not entered in this tasting, Decanter editor Guy Woodward kindly published the Hugel view on Grand Cru in his column "and another thing"...


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Gentil on the cover of Decanter: France's 50 best value wines



Its seems that, in the current economical climate, many of us are concerned about getting value for the money that is spent. This is even more true accross the Channel with the current level of the Pound.

In the August issue of Decanter magazine, "The World's Best Wine Magazine" asked Steven Spurrier to come up with his selection of France's 50 best value Wines, under 15£, in all styles and regions. 
In Steven Spurrier's own words: "France represents better value than it has ever done".

To have our Gentil included in that selection is of couse something very reassuring to us, but having our bottle featured on the cover (together with our great PFV friends from the Perrin family) tells us that we must be doing something right... or could it be the yellow "Maggi" colour of our label ?

You can download the cover in high definition




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Alsace 2007, Grade A, according to Wine Spectator


From all the wine regions, only Alsace and southern Rhône were the wine regions of France where vintage 2007 was rated with the perfect A mark by the influential Wine Spectator.

Overall, wine lovers seeking the elegance and balance that typifies classic Alsatian wines should be pleased with 2007. The vintage, said, Etienne Hugel of Hugel & Fils, "ended up with one of the longest harvesting times in recent years [and] with overall longest hang time from blossoming to picking. Just what the doctor ordered. [It] should turn out to be a great classic vintage for us in Alsace."

Feel free to visit or re-visit the day by day coverage of our 2007 vintage on our Vintage Blog


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Record visitors on our Blog


A somewhat quieter Wednesday enables us to take a moment to thank all the visitors of these pages as well as the many testimonys of encouragements which we have received in the last few days. The very kind comments by Jancis Robinson on her own website is a fantastic encouragement to provide you with even more quality information.
Our full focus remains with the vintage with "both hands in the grapes" and we can reassure you that the updating of this Blog is often done late in the evening just after the last press has been filled.
Since the opening of these pages about our 2007 vintage, the consultations of our site almost doubled as proved by our last statistics. You are currently more than 300 visitors daily.
We cannot tell you how exciting it is to share with you the unfolding of a new vintage. Every day will see more and more signs that it may well be a rather good one. May the good fortune stay with us. Stay with us, more to follow !


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"perfect for Asian food" according to shanghaidaily.com


Could there be any better endorsement than this recommendation that was just published on shanghaidaily.com ?

"With wine, most diners tend to go with regular reds, enjoying the drink without bothering too much about the clash of styles. True, some rouges can be quite enjoyable with the considerably lighter Cantonese dishes, but most will agree, however, that a vintage bordeaux is not necessarily the best match for lamb vindaloo.

The best bet is actually an often overlooked one. White wines from the Alsace region of northeastern France are dry, light and fruity - perfect for Asian food.

Instead of ordering a bottle of red with your next Asian meal, why not try matching it with something that goes well with the style of food on the table. Any doubters will be bound to eat their words."

Read the full story here


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James Suckling Uncorked - BYOB in Vegas

James Suckling

Seen on James Suckling's Blog on winespectator.com
At a dinner with many of Las Vegas wine personnalities.

1987 Hugel Riesling Alsace Vendange Tardive stole the show. Ogden brought it from his cellar. It was rich and powerful with layers of fruit and fabulous petrol and pineapple character. Mind-blowing stuff. 97 points in this non-blind tasting. And this was after being up for close to 24 hours! Maybe VT helps jetlag?

Read the full story here


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