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GROSSI LAÜE, a milestone in our history


"Grossi Laüe (Grosse Lage in German) signifies the finest vineyards in Alsace dialect and represents an equivalent to the German Grosses Gewächs or the Burgundian Grand Cru." 

Stephan Reinhardt, Robert Parker's Wine Advocate #221

For 3 months, since this Robert Parker reviews came out, the pressure on our family builds up as many fans of our wines are wondering when these wines will become available. 

In just a few months more amazing press coverage has come out, James Suckling devoting an entire guide to the wines of Alsace, with 3 Famille Hugel wines featured in his top 10 (Riesling Grossi Laüe 2010 Nr 8 with 97/100) and last but not least, Bettane+Desseauve awarding Riesling Grossi Laüe 2010 the perfect 20/20 !

Another sign the family moves in the right direction is the attention recently payed to us by some wine trade figures  from respected producers to established merchants. A few weeks ago the family received together Napa Valley auction highest bidder with Opus One CEO together with prominent Bordeaux châteaux accompanied by Berry Bros. & Rudd head buyer. 
We had the good idea to immortalize this visit on a Video with Marc and Etienne commenting the evolutions with reactions and testimonies from our distinguished visitors

It shows better than we would have been able to ever express it ourselves the changes occurring at Famille Hugel. As a result, Berry Bros. & Rudd made an offer of our entire new range of wines to their UK clients with a comment which has made the entire family very proud: "despite having bought large quantities of Alsace wine for both myself and the business, I had never until a few weeks ago set foot in the Hugel winery. For me Hugel had always been a highly regarded producer but one that was more geared for high-quality commercial wines rather than the top-end elite. How wrong I was! "

We have now already received delivery of the elegant 6 bottles cartons and our Domaine Hugel brochure to be inserted in those cartons are with the printer. 

Due to the combination of a small crop in 2010 (the Grossi Laüe launch vintage) and and a more drastic selection of the vineyard plots used, the production of those wines is between half and 1/3rd of typical Jubilee production, whose last vintage will be 2009.   

The production of 2010 Pinot Gris Grossi Laüe is just 3528 bottles, of the 2010 Riesling Grossi Laüe we just made 5292 bottles, slightly larger volumes of 2010 Gewurztraminer Grossi Laüe with 7998 bottles and finally just 3133 bottles of 2010 Pinot Noir Grossi Laüe 

The family will do its best to allocate these wines in the fairest possible way. Feel free to contact our importers for more details on the availability of Grossi Laüe wines in your region


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Welcome to Famille Hugel

Much more than just a change of name, the presentation and structure of our range of wines has been totally renovated, starting with Gentil "HUGEL" 2014, then our Famille Hugel Classic range which now includes Muscat and Pinot Gris, with elegant and refined new labels, and all legal information relocated to the back label. 

Creation of the Estate range, for Riesling and Gewurztraminer only, from the clay marl soils so typical of Riquewihr. Added to the very recent release of Schoelhammer and the introduction of Grossi Laüe to succeed the Jubilee range whose last vintage is 2009... Time to learn the Alsace dialect ;-)

Changes that were outlined by Riesling specialist writer Stuart Pigott. A clear sign that our family is on the move as 3 generations of the family advance together. 

The next step will be the eagerly awaited new web site that will appear in a few weeks' time.

Discover all these changes in our new brochure or view some photos of the new products ranges and of the latest members of Famille Hugel... unless you prefer to see the film...


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New photo gallery on Flickr

Flickr photos.png

Need to do a presentation of our company ? 

Flickr does it, free for all, click here and off we go, slideshow looking very cool


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Let our wines talk to you in your language

Our new E-brochure, downloadable PDF to be printed recto-verso on A3 paper in colour.

Available now in English (UK), for GermanySpainHollandDenmarkSwedenPortugal and BrazilTurkeyRussiaPolandRomaniaSerbiaLatvia
and for Asia: Japanesesimplified Chinese, traditionnal Chinese for Taiwan and Hong KongKoreanVietnameseThaïMyanmar, and more to follow...


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Japan, we love you and want to support you. Gambatte !


Just could not resist posting the message above our Japanese importer Jeroboam sent out this very morning, March 17 to its private customers. An even more moving letter was sent out on March 18. A must read which tells more about Japan than any Western media tells us...
It seems the further away from the devastated area people are the more worried they get. We, like the whole World admire you (except perhaps the Fukushima nuclear plant operator).
Help Japan 


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A moving few days at VINEXPO

For us, Vinexpo 2009 will long remain a strong symbol of continuity, with some very moving moments and countless words of sympathy from our importers, colleagues, journalists or just friends of the family.
Following Jean Hugel's recent death, all our visitors were pleased to meet the two "youngsters" of the next - 13th - generation, Jean Frédéric and Marc André Hugel, both aged 20, who took a working break from their studies for a first step up the ladder of our family business.
We were happily almost swamped by visits from our importers - almost 70% of our international contacts attended Vinexpo - not to mention numerous journalists and friends, some bearing excellent news for the future. But we were above all touched by the immense wave of sympathy for our sad loss.
A special mention must be made about the Asian lunch on  Wednesday 24th June. Our friend the journalist Simon TAM flew in specially from Hong Kong, bringing the most delicious dim sum dumplings, deep frozen Xiao Long Bao, a Shanghai speciality impossible to find in Europe, accompanied by succulent fresh mangoes brought over by another friend, our importer for India Sanjay Menon, recently named by Decanter Magazine as one of the 50 most important people in the international wine world.
As usual, our days were fully occupied, but also our evenings, including a dinner at Château Mouton-Rothschild at Philippine's invitation, in the company of all the national presidents of the International Union of Sommeliers. There was also a less formal, relaxed, festive evening at Château Palmer, at the table of its director, our friend Thomas Duroux, with producer colleagues from all over France.
The final day was marked by a moment of emotion, when two great friends of "uncle Johnny" came to pay their respects : John Avery MW, with his daughter Mimi, and Liliane Barton, daughter of Anthony Barton, also accompanied by her daughter.
The world of wine is, without any shadow of a doubt, the warmest and friendliest networking system in existence  ;-)
It was an exceptional Vinexpo for us, from all points of view, despite family sadness and the miserable economic climate.
Please see our Vinexpo 2009 gallery for photo highlights


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Jean Hugel (vintage 1924) has just passed away



Jean Hugel has just passed away and Alsace, which he loved and promoted so tirelessly all over the world during more than 60 years, feels a great void.


See his brief biography and recent photos of Jean, taken in 2003, 2005 and November 2008 and a photo album of his lifeIn February 2005 he gave a rare interview on a most secret part of his life: his wartime years. 


Born on September 28, 1924 in Riquewihr, the home town of his family since 1639, Jean Hugel ran the family wine business alongside his two brothers, Georges and Andre, from 1948 until 1997.


A very active retiree, Jean truly never left the business until illness overtook him. Jeanny, for all those who knew him well, worked all his life with great passion and determination for Alsace and its wines, particularly Late Harvest and Selection de Grains Nobles which will be his greatest legacy. He wrote the legislative text regulating the conditions of production of these wines which were OFFICIALLY recognized after 7 years of bitter struggle. It is the strictest law of all French wine appellations.


Jean transmitted to his nephews, Jean Philippe, Marc and Etienne, his know-how, his enthusiasm and his will to carry the banner of Alsace always higher. They will continue to work with this same determination that their uncle taught them: to always strive for perfection. He also leaves behind his dear Simone and their two daughters, Dominique and Judith and four grandchildren. 


Jean's memory will continue to shine in the skies of Alsace, and whenever we have the great joy of opening one of his wines, like his favourite Riesling Selection de Grains Nobles 1976, the last wine he tasted, it will remain a lasting symbol of a very full and meaningful life..


Those who knew him should feel free to leave their own testimony on this Blog. Thank you Jancis, Tom Stevenson, the New York Times, the Telegraph, the Times, the Guardian and so many of you. Mission accomplished Johnny, you may now retire.


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Interactive "Hugel Earth" vineyard map, now in 3D

Hugel Map

 Direct access to the interactive map

The fact that the names of individual vineyards or Grand Cru slopes do not appear on our labels does not signify in any way that we do not recognise the influence of our vineyard terroir on our wines, on the contrary !

Twelve consecutive generations of family experience of the terroirs of Riquewihr has given us irreplaceable knowledge and understanding of its environment. In fact, more than half of our 27 ha estate is situated on terroir that is classified Grand Cru, on a major geological fault zone. In Alsace, we tend to say that our geology is just as complex as our history.

Internet offers such widespread possibilities to share information that we were inspired to put on-line this new interactive map, enlisting the help of top cartographic specialists : IGN for aerial photography and Benoît France for his map of the Alsace vineyards (our very grateful thanks to him). 

This interactive map enables you to locate our estates in Alsace, to understand the geological complexity of the terroirs of Riquewihr, to visualise individual vineyards and grape varieties, and to measure the interface between vines and soils : Riesling in the Schoenenbourg, Gewurztraminer in the Sporen, finally Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir in the Pflostig.

As Serge Dubs explained so well in his book "Les Grands Crus d'Alsace": "The house of Hugel in Riquewihr owns a large part of the Grand Cru Schoenenbourg and Sporen slopes. Renowned for its high quality wines, the house of Hugel has always advocated the best terroir. Its skill is exemplary and its quality image is renowned worldwide. Paradoxically, the « Hugels » do not sell their Grand Cru wines with the appellation AOC Alsace Grand Cru. Yet their Rieslings are among the finest grown on the Schoenenbourg."

You will need Flash 8 player to play this animation. If this is not yet installed on your computer, please click here.

Access the interactive map 


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Hugel Vintage Chart from 2013 to 1959


Here is the update with all latest vintages.

You can download the full vintage chart in PDF format with all vintages from 1959 to 2013. 


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The Hugel chopstick holders


What better launch could there be for a new wine related marketing initiative than Vinexpo ? If success is measured by the number of visitors on one's stand and by the buzz generated we cannot be too far from success as proved above on the short video clip featured on graperadio.com

You will also find here a selection of some of the most memorable moments on our dedicated photo gallery 

At a daily lunchtime Asian buffet on our stand we presented our new  chopstick holder, an original idea created with the help of our supplier of DIAM. The idea came a few months earlier during an informal Chinese lunch in Taiwan in the company of the owner and staff of our new local importer. In the course of lunch Jessie Fang of prominent importer Leading Brands took one of our cork to support her chopsticks on the table. The idea was born and executed with enthusiasm and efficiency by Jessie and her team.

In order to support this innovative initiative, we have asked our local communication agency to design a supporting document which, with our importers help, is now available in high definition PDF in A5 formats in the following languages: English, French, simplified Chinese , Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Cantonese (Hong Kong)Japanese, Vietnamese, German, Italian  and Dutch. The wide variety of languages now available is a demonstration of the warm reception by most of our importer.

The chopstick holders will start to be available from the end of August on in the following language versions: English/French, English/Chinese and English/Japanese. They will be presented in elegant individual yellow boxes. Each cork will carry the bilingual message "The Chopsticks' favourite wines". We have every hope that this will help the further distribution of our wines in many Asian restaurants, in Asia and elsewhere.

This page will be open to receive the feedback from our importers and clients or just consumers. Blog on !



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Let our wines take you on a journey to Asia


It is a fact, " world food " and " fusion cuisine " become more and more part of our eating habits and seduce more and more gastronomes the world over. For too long, Asian cuisine was associated with the drinking of jasmine tea or beer and has had little success attracting fine wines consumers. Things are changing at a very rapid pace.
If many food critics mention Alsace wines amongst the best to match with oriental cuisine, we put forward to you the opinion of some of the most knowledgeable and unbiased of them : Dr N.K. YONG and his wife Melina . Their experience and authority go beyond their native Singapore and even Asia. Dr N.K. YONG is for instance the former world-wide president of the influential and respected
International Wine & Food Society ... and by the way, a great supporter of our wines.
Yes, our wines are the chopsticks' favourites !

More "Let our wines take you on a journey to Asia" »


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Video DIAM, corks without the risk of cork taint

After almost ten years of intensive internal research for alternative methods of closure, we have decided to use "DIAM" corks of the brand Diam-corks starting with an important part of our Classic range of the 2006 vintage. From vintage 2009 on, all of our production will be using this closure. This decision comes after the successful test we carried out with this closure on 375ml size bottles in the year 2004 and on a fraction of wines of the 2005 vintage. From vintage 2008 on, we started using DIAM in its latest presentation.  

We have always observed - and this phenomenon is widely known in our profession as one of our main quality issue - that a fraction of the wines sealed with natural cork suffer from what is generally called "cork taint". In fact, this phenomenon seems to have become more marked in recent years, and so in 1998 we began to seriously investigate ways of overcoming the problem.

We studied and experimented with every different type of "cork" that existed on the market (agglomerated, treated, synthetic, 1 + 1 (composite), and screw-caps. For technical questions, the screw-caps is not suited to our way of working because all our wines are palletized or stored on bins, bottles unlabelled, before their labelling at times of shipping. The binning of bottles with these screw-caps closures poses potential problems of leaking on such bottles.

After countless tests conducted with great rigour by Marc Hugel as well as a recent 4 days visit of their premisses in Spain we have finally selected DIAM, manufactured by DIAM-Bouchage

Nice alternative view by Australian authority James Halliday
Interesting recent article on the carbon footprint of DIAM cork.

More "Video DIAM, corks without the risk of cork taint" »


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The story of the yellow label

Maggi In 1918, when Alsace was restored to France, its winegrowers were faced with profound economic changes, and had to re-think the way in which their wines were labelled.

At that time, Jean HUGEL (1898-1980) - father and grandfather of the current generations - spent some time training with the MAGGI™ Company, whose then Director was Jules ZOLL, a friend of the family.

That famous Swiss company had then just completed one of the very first market research surveys, concerning the presentation of its products. YELLOW, RED and GOLD were discovered to be the most evocative colours, and were therefore adopted.

More "The story of the yellow label" »


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Les Grands Crus d'Alsace: a book by Serge Dubs

Book Serge DubsWe are pleased to announce the recent publication of a book that is particularly important for the Alsace wine region, written by our friend Serge Dubs, in association with the journalist Denis Ritzenthaler.

After almost three years of serious research, Serge has successfully achieved his goal, the first in-depth handbook of the Grand Cru wines of Alsace. Without indulgence, it displays all the characteristic rigour, integrity and passion of one of the greatest connoisseurs and… supporters of Alsace wines. This work of reference will make its mark on our region and some of its comments will undoubtedly revive the dormant debate about Grand Cru wines, for example the following paragraph :

The house of Hugel in Riquewihr is certainly one of the most representative of Alsace negociants. It owns a large part of the Grand Cru Schoenenbourg and Sporen slopes. Renowned for its high quality wines, the house of Hugel has always advocated the best terroir. Its skill is exemplary and its quality image is renowned worldwide. Paradoxically, the « Hugels » do not sell their Grand Cru wines with the appellation AOC Alsace Grand Cru. Yet their Rieslings are among the finest grown on the Schoenenbourg. The house of Hugel has chosen a policy of promoting its brand because it believes the reputation of the name « Hugel » is superior to that of Grand Cru. This is their way of controlling the quality of the wines from its Grand Cru vineyards. Thus exceptional wines can be found under the simple appellation of AOC Alsace.

To learn more on the subject, discover our interactive "Hugel Earth" vineyard map

More "Les Grands Crus d'Alsace: a book by Serge Dubs" »


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The backgound behind the tradition of GENTIL

etiqettte_gentil.jpgDecades ago, some of the finest Alsace wines were called GENTIL (meaning blend of nobles grapes). When such a wine was made from grapes grown in just one famous vineyard, the vineyard name was added, as was the case with our ancient SPOREN "HUGEL".

The first vintage, 1992, was successfully introduced in certain test markets. Subsequent vintages have continued this trend in many other countries, including the USA, Canada, Sweden, Australia and even Malaysia and Hong Kong. This wine has become a true success story and often a point of entry to Alsace wines for many new wine lovers.

GENTIL "HUGEL" is based on the refreshing Sylvaner & Pinot Blanc grapes, in order to reach an affordable price, with over 50% of the 4 "noble" grapes varieties : Pinot Gris for body, Riesling for finesse, Gewurztraminer for richness and spice, and Muscat for aromatics.

The grapes for GENTIL "HUGEL" are all hand-picked and vinified in our cellars and subject to exactly the same strict standards of quality that characterise all the wines we produce.

We are certain that even the most demanding of palates will appreciate this wine with the "HUGEL" signature, an agreeable wine at a reasonable price.

Menu 1921

Wedding menu of Lina and Jean Hugel in 1921 where Gentil was served

More "The backgound behind the tradition of GENTIL" »

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