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GROSSI LAÜE, a milestone in our history


"Grossi Laüe (Grosse Lage in German) signifies the finest vineyards in Alsace dialect and represents an equivalent to the German Grosses Gewächs or the Burgundian Grand Cru." 

Stephan Reinhardt, Robert Parker's Wine Advocate #221

For 3 months, since this Robert Parker reviews came out, the pressure on our family builds up as many fans of our wines are wondering when these wines will become available. 

In just a few months more amazing press coverage has come out, James Suckling devoting an entire guide to the wines of Alsace, with 3 Famille Hugel wines featured in his top 10 (Riesling Grossi Laüe 2010 Nr 8 with 97/100) and last but not least, Bettane+Desseauve awarding Riesling Grossi Laüe 2010 the perfect 20/20 !

Another sign the family moves in the right direction is the attention recently payed to us by some wine trade figures  from respected producers to established merchants. A few weeks ago the family received together Napa Valley auction highest bidder with Opus One CEO together with prominent Bordeaux châteaux accompanied by Berry Bros. & Rudd head buyer. 
We had the good idea to immortalize this visit on a Video with Marc and Etienne commenting the evolutions with reactions and testimonies from our distinguished visitors

It shows better than we would have been able to ever express it ourselves the changes occurring at Famille Hugel. As a result, Berry Bros. & Rudd made an offer of our entire new range of wines to their UK clients with a comment which has made the entire family very proud: "despite having bought large quantities of Alsace wine for both myself and the business, I had never until a few weeks ago set foot in the Hugel winery. For me Hugel had always been a highly regarded producer but one that was more geared for high-quality commercial wines rather than the top-end elite. How wrong I was! "

We have now already received delivery of the elegant 6 bottles cartons and our Domaine Hugel brochure to be inserted in those cartons are with the printer. 

Due to the combination of a small crop in 2010 (the Grossi Laüe launch vintage) and and a more drastic selection of the vineyard plots used, the production of those wines is between half and 1/3rd of typical Jubilee production, whose last vintage will be 2009.   

The production of 2010 Pinot Gris Grossi Laüe is just 3528 bottles, of the 2010 Riesling Grossi Laüe we just made 5292 bottles, slightly larger volumes of 2010 Gewurztraminer Grossi Laüe with 7998 bottles and finally just 3133 bottles of 2010 Pinot Noir Grossi Laüe 

The family will do its best to allocate these wines in the fairest possible way. Feel free to contact our importers for more details on the availability of Grossi Laüe wines in your region


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The Summergate Riesling Revolution tour of China

A Riesling revolution has just swept across China! Peter Barry of Jim Barry Wines, Etienne Hugel of the Hugel family, and Ernst Loosen of Dr Loosen  have joined forces with their importer and distributor Summergate, to challenge the reign of red wine in China. All through the week, the group conducted tastings, master classes, and media events across the region to celebrate the greatness of Riesling in all its many styles. The tour started in Macau, and moved on to the cities of Xiamen in Fujian province, and Chengdu in Sichuan province, followed by gala events in Shanghai, finally culminating in the capital city of Beijing on Saturday April 12th.

"We are championing Riesling as a spearhead of the white wine revolution in China. There is no better way to break China's red obsession than our Riesling Revolution tour with this trio of Riesling magicians" said Summergate founder and General Manager Ian Ford. "I expect our sales of Riesling to much more than double in the months and years ahead" said Ford.

China has been known for years as a red wine market, highlighted in the recent film "Red Obsession". The IWSR recently stated that China is now the largest red wine consuming nation on earth, at an estimated 1.86 billion bottles including domestic production.

"Summergate together with these three great producers are the first to take a huge step forward in promoting and celebrating Riesling and white wine, on a large scale, across this country" said Ford.

The "Riesling Revolution" tour climaxed in Beijing on Saturday April 12th, highlighted by a Riesling tasting review from all three producers, and a gala dinner with the Capital's top wine enthusiasts.

For the Hugel family, a solid presence in Asia dates back to the 1950's and now covers virtually every country in the region. Mainland China is clearly now the latest challenge.

With a website in 4 Asian languages, the simplified Chinese website has just been enriched with detailed product descriptions for the wines featured on this tour: Riesling Hugel 2012 and Riesling Jubilee 2007.

The above selection of photos our the Summergate Riesling Revolution tour can be found here https://www.flickr.com/photos/123206995@N05/sets/72157643938707823/

More details on http://www.summergate.com


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150th anniversary of Alsace Japan relations

Delighted to be part of this event, on March 21, also with our wines, organized by the CEEJA in Kientzheim, in presence of his Excellency M. Komatsu Ichiro, Ambassadeur du Japon en France, M. Philippe Richert, Président du Conseil Régional d'Alsace, M. Charles Buttner, Président du Conseil Général du Haut-Rhin and M. Hasegawa Susumu, Consul Général du Japon à Strasbourg.

For our part, it is a presence in Japan since the 1950's, a partner importer Jeroboam and a website in their language. Gambate Japan, Nihon gadaiski


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Myanmar a land of pure Gold


ပြည်ထောင်စု သမ္မတ မြန်မာနိုင်ငံတော် Myanmar remains an absolute mystery, even to the well travelled and continues to fascinate. How rightly so. 
In just a month this amazing Asian country seems at last to capture the attention of the World community. Time to go !
A recent first visit to Yangon, Mandalay, to the Inle lake and to amazing Bagan has been an eye opener. A country of culture and people with rich intricate layers like gold leaves offered to thousands of Buddhas over centuries.
... and Hugel wines, certainly not a top priority to the vast majority of its inhabitants are now also available in Myanmar via its virtual sole importer: Quarto Products. Managing partner Renato Buhlmann and his team went out of their way for this launch visit. There is even now a Hugel brochure in Myanmar language


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In Singapore from February 1-6


Back after less than a month... must be something special about this city/state !

Main reason is our new distribution arrangements with Monopole, Michael Chong and his team and a series of events, Hugel wine dinner at Mandarin Oriental's Dolce Vita on February 2. Details with menu and bookings here

Then moving to the ship that has changed the Singapore skyline, and seeing many top sommeliers at some of their signature restaurants, many of them seen at Dr NK Yong's Celebration 85 just the previous month...

Time also to catch up with journalist friends and thank Julian Teoh for the January issue of Flavours magazine which just featured an excellent story on Hugel written by Singaporean upcoming wine writer. Julian just visited us right into our latest vintage and shared with his readers an nice insight of a visit to a vintner right into action.


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Back to Malaysia


Almost 5 years since last visiting Kuala Lumpur and what a change here too !
Mr Gwee and his team of Muihua had taken the trouble to visit our Vinexpo Bordeaux stand last June so had promised to visit again when next in the region. 

More "Back to Malaysia" »


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Tuna cutting show in Tokyo with celebrity chef and actor

... with famous Japanese actor Hiroki Matsukata holding a bottle of our Riesling Jubilee 2005


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Hugel Weine jetzt bei Mövenpick

Freunde unserer Weine in der Schweiz können sich jetzt freuen dass seit einigen Wochen eine gute Auswahl Hugelweine bei Mövenpick zu finden sind.

14 Weinkeller in der Schweiz aber auch 14 in Deutschland und im Fürstentum Liechtenstein und sehr bald in die neue moderne state of the art Wein Bar in Zürich. Santé !

Hugel | Foto Reportage von Etienne Hugel | Plein écran | Wine Media Library


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Interview on Riesling and Rugby, also on Alsace climate change

Kindly taped by Riki at Planet of Grapes in London and posted on drinkslover Facebook page on October 7, the day before my birthday, and before les Bleus' victory on England in the Rugby World cup...

Nice informal chat, on Alsace Riesling, styles and Rugby...


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Jean Frédéric Hugel (13th generation) on a US visit


The 13th generation looks very keen to explore new opportunities on the US market...

On the agenda, a couple of days in Colorado which included a radio interview for Wineguys Radio... neeless to say Jean Frédéric's dad is quite proud

Jean Frédéric then attended the Frederick Wildman annual portfolio tasting in New York (photo above) Riesling is back in fashion amongst young sommeliers, just like tattoos... how about a Riesling tattoo ?


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Visit of the President of Poland to Riquewihr and Hugel


A prestigious visit on September 13, in the middle of our busiest time of harvest...
André Hugel president of the Riquewihr historical society was on duty for the tour of town (picture above) and of the Hugel premisses, including a family photo with Etienne in front of Sainte Caterine cask followed by a brief tasting of Riesling Jubilee 2005 and Gewurztraminer Vendange Tardive 2003.
Poland's President Bronislaw Komorowski and his wife were absolutely charming, as were the entire delegation of ministers and key officials, all were absolutely amazed to see we had a Hugel brochure in Polish, the President took an extra copy with him, sign of his interest for wine.
He said Poland can compete with Russia on Vodka, with Germany on beer but against those wines they have nothing "local" to offer...
Our proud Polish agents, Centrum Wina immediately commented: Looks like the Head of Poland is interested in the breaking the current dominancy of beer and spirits and bringing wines under the roofs of the average Polish household.
Let's drink to that...
The President kindly signed our visitors' book and left a note in Polish which we should soon have translated
Everyone received a gift of some Hugel wines with a card that mentions the contact details of Centrum Wina in Warsaw...we cannot only give away wines, sometimes we need to sell some ;-)


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Visit to Korea, Winetime well beyond kimchi and BBQ...

The vision and passion of a man for wine in his country that is changeing forever the vinous landscape of Korea...
Nobody has done more for wine appreciation and education in Korea than Mr Hi-Sang Lee, chairman of wine importer Nara Cellar... amongst many other activities...
A few days in Seoul has convinced the Hugel scion that similar success our wines enjoy all across Asia is due to hit Korea. Podo Plaza is a cult place for wine in Asia and in the hands of Minwoo Lee and Lee Jae Eun the word for Hugel is due to spead quickly, assisted by our newly revamped Korean website.
Full photo report of the 3 days visit below, with captions on the top of each picture...

Hugel | Korea_2011 | 640x640 | Plein écran | Wine Media Library


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Vinexpo 2011 live

Many news this year with the launch of the Hugel mobile site
... and a large contingent of young Hugels from the 13th generation, Charlotte and Jean Frédéric together with their cousins Marc André and Christian all present on our stand.
Photos added live as it proceeds...

Hugel | 640x640 | Plein écran | Wine Media Library


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Visit to the Sendai area, wine for helping healing the souls...

We all still have in memories the pictures of devastation, including those of the flooded Sendai airport... Japan gets back to normal at an impressive pace but now we all have the duty to support their amazing nation by our presence and wine is obviously a good vehicle.
With Shoko-san and Onoue-san of Jeroboam we made the journey by train, whose tracks had been closed for a month and which passes just on the edge of the 20 km zone around the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant. Reading an article on the train in the Japan Times of the day made the journey even more emotionnal...
On the agenda of the day, trade lunch for local sommeliers at Hotel Metropole Sendai Restaurant Serenity (sic...) tasting at longtime client Bouchon fine wine house and wine dinner with 28 guests at Restaurant Chef part of a promotion "Sendai Happy Week". Very happy to have had the presence of the editor and journalist of the local bi-monthly magazine Kappo which should report on our dinner.
The smiles on the faces of each guests and restaurants staff said Mission Accomplished !
Foreigners, visitors and expats, what Japan needs now most is YOU.

Hugel | Sendai | 640x640 | Plein écran | Wine Media Library


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Market visit to Tokyo 10 weeks after, Gambatte Japan !

A full pictures report from a few days in Tokyo, just about 10 weeks after March 11.
First part with good friends François Bannier and Gregory Hecht of Hecht & Bannier and the fantastic team of Jeroboam for their seasonnal trade tasting. Hugel wine dinner at BEIGE Alain Ducasse, lunch at Mitsuwa-Ginza with media Blogger Fumiko Aoki, instore tasting and bottle signing at Tokyu Honten followed by JFWC Party at Biervana. Attending was Mika Walker who I had seen with her husband in Bombay last Frebruary. Check Mika's Bog, Mika was runner-up Miss Universe 1995...
Tuesday, some staff training at the newly moved Tokyo American Club and Hugel wine dinner at ARGO, restaurant français.
Nihon Gadaiski, Gambatte Japan !

Hugel | Tokyo_2011 | 640x640 | Plein écran | Wine Media Library


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A very moving visit to Japan, southern cities report

Photos added as the market visit proceeded, starting May 23 in Osaka, Kobe, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Tokyo (special separate report), Sendai and Miyazaki to finally return to Tokyo.
This long planned visit was first to last a week but because of the events, a 2 full weeks were spent in this market were Hugel wines have been successfully present for over 60 years. It included a very moving day in Sendai (special separate report), in the areas affected by the March 11 quake and tsunami. First week with good friends François Bannier and Gregory Hecht of Hecht & Bannier and the fantastic team of Jeroboam.
One final day in southern city of Miyasaki organised by Jeroboam's Tatsuya Amitani with events in association with Yoshino Saketen soon reported on their Blog.
Gambatte Japan !

Hugel | Japan_May_2011 | 640x640 | Plein écran | Wine Media Library


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De beste asperges met Hugel wijnen... what else ?


White Dutch asperges is a classic match with our wines so time has come again to visit Holland this spring as the season is early this year due to an outstanding spring weather. The occasion could not have been better to spend a few days with THE asperge king of Holland, namely the celebrated Hostellerie de Hamert.
The friendship goes back 30 years between Pieter Smits and Hugel, remembering the visit to de Hamert with Marc Heaberlin in the 80's as shown by the photo in the restaurant entrance...
Magriet had already peeled almost 1500 kg of asperges by the time of the visit and our longtime agents OR & Boelen (now over 60 years of collaboration with us) did organise here a tasting and masterclass for top clients of our wines as part of a series of events organised by Kees Klein Velderman at the celebrated Alliance restaurant... now under management of next generation Roger and his wife Monique
By the end of the events, the glass recycling bin was overflowing with empty bottles with the yellow label !
Time also to remind everyone in Holland of the launch our new website in Dutch...

is belangrijk voor ons
Dank u en tot ziens !


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In China, Hangzhou now rhymes with Hugel

A 3rd visit in just over a year to a city I have to confess I had never heard of just a couple of years ago...
The very last 4 days of this Asian marathon has simply been the most eye opening of the striving pace of changes in China's top hospitality sector.
A couple days weekend in Shanghai, staying at the gorgeous as ever Puli and then a high speed journey to the amazing scenic and striving city of Hangzhou, now just 40' by train from Shanghai vs 2 hours a couple of years ago !
Following last December's Shangri-La roadshow trade dinner that were attended by both Dutch GM friends of the local Four Seasons and Intercontinental hotels. The latest adition to the collection of China's finest hotel properties.
With the orchestration of Summergate's Hangzhou bureau chief Grace Ling, I was "shared" between equally gracious and generous GM hosts, Ruud van Dijk of Four Seasons Hangzhou Westlake, its amazing location and a must see Spa and the following day by the new city landmark, golden bowl spaceship Intercontinental Hangzhou with longtime Hugel supporter GM Rob Spiekerman who both treated the Hugel scion like China's latest Emperor !
Another sign of the booming hospitality sector is the opening of independant restaurants such as Yee Chino with 160 seats including some exquisite private rooms...
A selection of pictures of these intense events are to be found below, with descriptions on the upper part of each photo. Enjoy and book your flight !

Hugel | China 2011 | 640x640 | Plein écran | Wine Media Library


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4 cities roadshow in Taiwan

Another hugely busy and successfull week with Jessie FANG's Leading Brands team, wine dinners, staff trainings, consumer tastings, visit to Taiwanese iconic Din Tai Fung and even this year a lecture to the University of Hospitality and Tourism of Kaohsiung.
Expert and state of the art translation by Paul Peng Wang using our new Traditionnal Chinese brochure and introducing our soon to be available website in traditionnal chinese (currently still in simplified chinese)
The chopsticks' favourite wines
are gently making their way in Taiwan too...

Hugel | 2011 Taiwan | 640x640 | Plein écran | Wine Media Library


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Back to amazing Thailand

Despite the small size of the market due to a record high level of import taxes, we remain committed to our presence here with a relationship with our local importer Italthai that goes back over 30 years.

Our brand new E-brochure in Thaï has just been made available in Thaï language for an event in Bangkok's newly opened Sivatel with high attendance of trade, press and VIP's including a member of the Royal family.

Hugel | Thailand 2011 | 640x640 | Wine Media Library


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Wine heaven in the Maldives at Soneva

Heaven does exist on earth and some of the Worlds' best wine are in the cellar waiting for you !
No need to look any further (if money is not the issue...) the amazing teams of Soneva Gili and Soneva Fushi are waiting for you to be pampered and visiting winemakers will accompany your gastronomic experience...

Hugel | Maldives Soneva | 640x640 | Plein écran | Wine Media Library


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Incredible India ! our wines are for you and your cuisine...

Nice press articles followed this visit in Sommelier India, Show Buzz, and in
The Hindu online, south India's N°1 daily as well as their Metro Plus paper issue

A huge THANK YOU to Ramiah Daniels General Manager and the team of The LaLiT Ashok


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Wine Story, chapter 2 of the Hugel story in Manila

Delighted to return this year to Manila just a couple of months after the opening of the second Wine Story outlet, this time in Manila's Serendra shopping area. Owner and wine lover Romeo SIA has also now displayed our wines in all of his Healthy Options stores. On the agenda this year staff training, bottle signing, press lunch / interviews, trade and consumer events with Romy and his dedicated (and charming) team...

This second state of the art
Wine Story outlet (and website) remains dedicated to excellence in and around wines. No efforts have been spared, from design, wine by the glass Enomatic, wine books and a selection of wines that is truly IMPRESSIVE for this emergeing market with many close friends' wines well represented.

See below a selection of photos taken during this quick visit.

Hugel | Manila 2011 | 640x640 | Wine Media Library


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Back to fantastic Vietnam, continiuing a frienship affair


Back to Vietnam for the second year in a row with longtime friend Thomas Duroux, CEO of Château Palmer and the team of importer Tankhoa and retail outlets Bacchus Corner to renew aquaintances to our respective wines through a series of perfectly orchestrated events in Hanoi, Nha Trang, HCM city (Saigon) and in solo in Phan Thiet. See last year's detailed report here

Great use was also made of our new E-brochure in Vietnamese so our wines can also speak to the local community who's interest in wines is gowing at a rapid pace, just like the whole country.

Below is a selection of pictures of these exciting days

Hugel | 2011_Vietnam | 640x640 | Wine Media Library


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With Japanese supermodel Moe Oshikiri at Mandarin Oriental Singapore

Etienne_with_Moe_Oshikiri .jpg

Japanese visitors will recognize her, and will probably be very jaleous... Moe Oshikiri was on a photo shoot at Singapore's Mandarin Oriental, where a Hugel wine dinner will be taking place on Saturday, January 15 at their celebrated Cherry Garden.

Booking is essential, only few seats left... a real bargain as all wines were donated. Menu and wines, including pricing here and last but not least mingling with Etienne Hugel ;-)


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Belgrade Wine Salon, 3rd appearance at highly sucessful event



Each year, the Belgrade Wine Salon grows to another dimension under the guidance of Bozana and Slavomir Cirovic. The multi task couple of IN VINO that also produce WINE ROUTE, a TV program on wine and the magazine PUT VINA that both featured our wines a couple of years ago have certainly been determinant for putting Hugel on the Serbian map...

This year, this impressive and growing event is fully supported by the dynamic, competent and friendly team of Alex and Zoran of MV Wines, with their Barbaresco winebar and  VINODOM shops. The impressive number of visitors that came to taste our wines were equally impressed to see on our table our new and state of the art Hugel brochure in Serbian language.

Our wines are now well in place on the serbian market with the adition to the VINODOM portfolio of the  wines of PFV friend Perrin et Fils with, this year, the presence of Matthieu Perrin. It very much looks like the Perrin wines and la vieille ferme will soon enjoy the same success as ours in this emergeing buy dynamic market.

See here last year's Blog report and a selection below of pictures of THE wine event in the Balcans !

Hugel | Belgrade_Wine_Salon_2010 | 480x480 | Wine Media Library


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Shangri-La roadshow part 3, Ningbo and Hangzhou

At the occasion of the launch of a two years' promotion of our Gentil by the glass at all the Shangri-La Hotel of Mainland China. Staff trainings, trade events and dinners in 10 cities... in 10 days ! Organised with the great support of Summergate, our greater China agents. Well worth having a new Chinese website for the occasion;-) Gentil Hugel, what else ?

Pictures of Hangzhou and Ningbo, the last two cities of this wine marathon from December 5 to 14, 2010

Hugel | SL part 3 | 640x640 | Wine Media Library


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Shangri-La roadshow part 2, Beijing charity event

At the occasion of the launch of a two years' promotion of our Gentil by the glass at all the Shangri-La Hotel of Mainland China. Staff trainings, trade events and dinners in 10 cities... in 10 days ! Organised with the great support of Summergate, our greater China agents. Well worth having a new Chinese website for the occasion;-) Gentil Hugel, what else ?

Pictures of the memorable Beijing series of events of this wine marathon from December 5 to 14, 2010

Hugel | SL part 2 | 640x640 | Wine Media Library


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Shangri-La 10 cities roadshow in China

At the occasion of the launch of a two years' promotion of our Gentil by the glass at all the Shangri-La Hotel of Mainland China. Staff trainings, trade events and dinners in 10 cities... in 10 days ! Organised with the great support of Summergate, our greater China agents. Well worth having a new Chinese website for the occasion;-) Gentil Hugel, what else ?

Pictures of the first 5 cities of this wine marathon from December 5 to 14, 2010

Hugel | SH_Roadshow | 640x640 | Wine Media Library


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Elegant Hong Kong handover


After 60 years of presence for our wines in Hong Kong, time has come for us to take the "global view" of the greater Chinese market by handing over in possibly the most elegant way the responsability for our wines to Christophe Pointaux and his team at Summergate Hong Kong.

The highlight of the various events was a tasting of SGN Gewurztraminers generously hosted at the Peninsula's Felix restaurant and co-presented by the ever charming Debra Meiburg M.W.


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Pictures of the PFV trip to Brazil and Chile, November 2010

PFV | PFV Brazil and Chile | 640x640 | Wine Media Library


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Visit of Jeffrey Grosset, iconic Australian dry Riesling producer


A very nice break today in our harvest routine to receive distinctive visitors from "down under". Iconic Aussie proprietor Jeffrey Grosset with partner Stephanie Toole (who owns Mount Horrocks Wines) and two of Jeffreys' staff, who are responsible for the quality control and cellar management.

The visit included a vineyards tour, sampling of the Pinot Gris grapes being picked that day and an extensive tasting of our latest (and future) releases of Rieslings and some older vintages...

Jeffrey has been a leader in Australia in the use of stelvin (screw caps) closures and interested to see that we also did some tests with this alternative closure. We just could not resist showing our friends the latest version of DIAM, the closure that we are now using on all of our wines [learn more]


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Top 10 wine regions worth a second look


This story by travel writer Ted Loos was just sent to us. It appreared on Smart Luxury Travel Magazine  A must read !

"Some of the most soulful places in the world of wine are often passed over or pigeonholed based on factors like geography and reputation. Some of these regions are just taking root while others are long-established, but a visit to any one of them could forever change your idea of what to drink with dinner - not to mention what it's like to visit a winery.

The stellar whites from this lovely area bordering Germany - mainly gewürztraminers, rieslings, and pinot gris - are among the most sophisticated and food-friendly on the planet. They're second to none with spicy Asian dishes because of the natural aromatics in the grapes as well as the high acid levels that develop in a chilly climate."

Anybody listening ? See the full article which recommends our wines and a visit to the Hugel cellars.

Alsace is on top of this top 10 list, just as it was a few months ago on Lonely Planet's top 10 list. Something must be true ;-)


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A happy 9/11 in New York


Could not resist photoshoping the above photo and replace former French President Jacques Chirac's favourite drink with a bottle of my own favourite beverage in its identical yellow  livery ;-)

A full busy day, father and son sparkling lunch (with Champagne Pol Roger... what else ?) together with Christine Wheeler that has graciously hosted Jean Frédéric for most of his NY stay. Christine, other than being a "doctor of the soul", is also involved in Arlene Willis' Grapes for Humanity. What better place than the Modern where Belinda Chang and her team promote Alsace to a point that the region should seriously consider making them honorary citizens of Alsace !

Off then to Acker Merrall, Founded in 1820, which is in their own words "America's Oldest and Finest Wine Shop". Instore tasting conducted by 13th generation Jean Frédéric, his dad just acting as paparazzi. Thank you to all their team for introducing our next generation and our wines to their clients.

The highligt of the day will be the long awaited and planned dinner at Mandarin Oriental's Asiate. Our 3 main grapes in 4 different flights going crescendo all the way up to our rare SGN "S" with a menu with wine pairing that will long be remembered by the happy few. Thank you Alice and Dan for making this possible. 



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Father and son tasting with Stephen Tanzer


Few US wine writers have over the years given as much attention to Alsace wines as Stephen Tanzer and year in, year out, he has spent a considerable amount of time visiting our region to taste and understand its wines as past reports of his International Wine Cellar can testify.

Having completed his very first vintage in the family company in 2009 with his cousin Marc André, Jean Frédéric was delighted to be able to present "his" vintage together with wines from the vintage 2008 together with his dad in the offices of our US importer Frederick Wildman in New York.

Some comments should follow shortly on Stephan Tanzer's new Winophilia, a free on-line e-zine dedicated to increasing your knowledge of wine, provoking your imagination, and stimulating your taste buds... Log on !


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Alsace Man in Athens... Georgia... US


On the last day of a 10 days US tour...

How better can life be than with such a mark of dedication and love for our wines: Svetlana Rustova of Five Points Bottle shop promoting two of our wines in her store and painting the Ralph Steadman visual on the outside wall.

A BIG KISS to you Svetlana !
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Some great feedback from Riesling Rendezvous

No more borders through the web, as seen on this nice review published on Indian Wine Academy after the Seattle Riesling Rendezvous

Also nice video interview published on Youtube by Andy Perdue, editor of Wine Press Northwest


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Alsace Man with corkscrew in the DC area


Following a few days in Seattle as a guest speaker at the Riesling Rendezvous and a day stop in Chicago, the focus of this latest US visit was the Washington DC area with Frederick Wildman's area manager Nancy Priest.

Few US retailers have maintained their loyalty to our wines like longtime friends Ed and Michael Sands (picture above) owners of the celebrated Calvert Woodley with consultant Ben Giliberti and buyer Tom Mc New together with Nancy Priest at the occasion of a Hugel instore tasting.

The following day after some successful market visits, a costume 30th birthday party of Maryland distributor representative Kristin Otto, was the perfect occasion for Etienne to be dressed-up as "Alsace Man with Corkscrew"


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Alsace in the Top 10 destinations in 2010 for Lonely Planet

best-in-travel-2010.jpg Alsace has been singled out as one of the hot regions in the world to visit this year by the Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2010.

The annual Best in Travel guide aims to give "a collection of the world's best journeys, destinations and experiences for the year ahead" to "take travellers out of the ordinary". One of the highlights of the guide is the Top 10 regions which brings Alsace to the forefront.

Top 10 of regions to visit in 2010
1. Alsace (France)
2. Bali (Indonesia)
3. Fernando de Noronha (Brazil)
4. Goa (India)
5. Corridor of Koh Kong (Cambodia)
6. Lake Baikal (Russia)
7. Oaxaca (Mexico)
8. South Africa
9. The Lake District (England)
10. South East of Western Australia


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Keep walking, driving and shooting... straight ?!?


The legendary Enzo Ferrari used to say "my cars don't smoke" but since his death the cowboy's favourite cigarettes have become a main sponsor of the F1 team bearing his name.

A couple of recent visits in airport duty free shops have reminded me that our way promoting the moderate consumption of our wines possibly in the course of a meal is quite far from the ethical concerns of the beer and spirit industries.

The above picture was taken in Taipei airport and when asked if the driving skill of Lewis Hamilton had anything to do with the consumption of his spirited sponsor I was told by the brand promoter "No, no, it is just an endorsement !"

I just could not refarain asking a passenger passing by to take this picture.

Just a few weeks later, in Copenhagen airport duty free this time, at the occasion of the FIFA soccer World cup. Would this supporters' beverage have a better influence than thousands of Vuvuzelas ? Obviously not, a few days later Heineken 2 - Carlsberg 0 not to mention the Corona 2 - Kronenbourg 0 that followed ;-)


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A new showcase for our wines in Denmark


We have at last started the healing of our Scandinavian Achilles' heel !

For many decades now we had been somewhat frustrated not to see our wines enjoy in Denmark the same success they enjoy all over Scandinavia and also lately in the Baltic States.

The recent appointment of longtime established specialist Kjaer & Sommerfeldt (Danmarks ældste vinhandel) gives us confidence that things will rapidly be corrected in the largest per capita market for Alsace wines abroad.

A recent visit to sunny Copenhagen
and in Aalborg gives us some very good reasons to have confidence in the future. How could one not be touched by the attentions to details shown by all the KJAER & SOMMERFELDT team which really demonstrates how much they care about us: from the gorgeous showcase to our wines outside their store (picture above), all the way down to the colour of the orchids that graced our tasting table.

Nothing happens by accident in our business, especially success but it seems the focus is clearly to put all conditions together for success to happen.

Looking for some Hugel wines to grace your table in Denmark ? Look no further, the full range is now offered as you enter their Copenhagen store, on Gammel Mont 4.
If the marriage with the best choucroute in town is in your mind, just go to next door Restaurant Alsace and say hello to Josephine and Franck...

A tradition going back to 1875 joins forces with ours. The KJAER & SOMMERFELDT mailbox may look old but the enthusiasm and professionnalism of their dynamic team is second to none. One proof is their initiative to marry music and wine, as shown on this Youtube clip. TAK !



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World Expo Shanghai, part of history in the making


Having witnessed over the last few visits to Shanghai the amazing build-up for which the city was preparing itself, World Expo 2010 is another demonstration of China's emergence. This visit took place on day 15 but Expo will be open until late November.

There is no question that the China pavilion is the star, high above all others on its own ground, but having our wine served on the French pavilion, we were quite happy to queue for just about an hour to get access. Located right next to the mighty German stand
, France plays the green card, nature, quality of life and French "savoir vivre" which seems to fascinate the local visitors, the French pavilion receiving on this day some 70 000 visitors ! A small tip to visitors of the French Pavilion, to avoid the long queue, just go through the access to the Sens restaurant and go straight into action.

But what a pleasant surprise to have the honour of being welcomed by Jacques Pourcel in person, on the one and only French restaurant on the fair. Les frères Pourcel were amongst the first to set foot in Shanghai with their Sens and Bund. And how not to be proud to taste a glass of Gentil side by side with eau de Perrier, due to the great efforts of Summergate, our Chinese importer.

The green theme chosen by France for its pavilion absolutely fits the organisers' slogan "Better city, better life" but its content is also a showcase for its financial contributors, from Citroën to Michelin, the Musée d'Orsay and the ever global Louis Vuitton. The proof of Bernard Arnault's integration of E-marketing, the presence of a couple of laptop computers allowing visitors interested in their products to register online and be added to their Emailing list. With the current boom of E-commerce in China they will certainly one day be purchasing handbags from virtual stores and why not one day, a bottle of château Cheval Blanc or d'Yquem...

As expected, this first Chinese World Expo takes place under tight security of the local police, probably the one aspect of China that has least changed in decades !

No time gets wasted in China, and while all infrastructures are well in place in Shanghai for their World Expo demonstration, newly built hotels are now running at full capacity. The Puli now buzzing with guests remains on the top of their art of Asian urban resort concept. It seems the whole city of Shanghai and especially the hospitality sector is taking advantage of the Expo boost. La Lé wine bar just opened last week and Hugel is there also well into place, and our wines are in very good company. If you drop in for a glass, say hello for me to the managing partner Mindy Chu.




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Interview on Graperadio.com and live tasting


Part of the agenda of the few days recently spent in California was an interview in the studio of Graperadio.

Brian Clark - Co-Host, Eric Anderson - Co-Host, Editor and Jay Selman - Producer discuss with Etienne their love for wines, share their experiences, knowledge and passion on all aspects related to the noble grape. A selection of wines were tasted and commented live on the program.

Click Below to Play the Show:
Show #268
(1:17:12 min 55MB)

GrapeRadio is a James Beard Award-Winning Audio and Video Program discussing wine related topics that is broadcast over the Internet.

Its content is also offered to Business and First Class passengers on American Airlines.


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On The Food Schmooze with Faith Middleton on WNPR


One the road to celebrity ? What about being on Faith Middleton's radio show with celebrity chef Thomas Keller ? ... what else ?

Missed the live broadcast ? Listen to FMS' Food Schmooze and write down the recommendations on our wines by Faith Middleton. Gentil and Pinot Gris on the podcast at 00:28:50 or Download this Episode

The following Saturday, our Riesling Jubilee 2004 was served at the French Culinary Institute of New York City an unprecedented evening with the stars of the French culinary stratosphere -- chefs Jacques Pepin, Alain Sailhac, and Andre Soltner.(View the Menu, handpainted by Jacques Pepin!) "word is spreading about this event that the 4 French legends have been asked to do this again for the President of the United States and first lady Michele Obama"

Host of the Faith Middleton Show, on WNPR, Faith Middleton has twice received the "Pulitzer" of broadcast journalism, The Peabody Award.

Thank you Faith and Mark Raymond, our importer's Frederick Wildman New England regional manager 


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The Wine Society coming to Blog age


The Wine Society, long standing UK customer is delighted to announce the launch of its new blog: Society Grapevine but also presence on the new social networks.

Featuring contributions from the buyers, fine wine advisers and others, Society Grapevine will offer members unique insights into our world of wine and the chance to join in... and visit a selection of Alsace wines with the presence of its best growers in London & Lewes on next 1st & 2nd June

Most interesting with the new interactivity is that now, users can also share their own valuable experience on the wines they recommend such as this on The Society's Exhibition Gewurztraminer, 2007

Click here to visit SocietyGrapevine.com


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Family reunion in Las Vegas


Back West for a couple of weeks in the US, a market that seems to be turning around after some 18 months where one could clearly feel the impact of the recession.

Starting in the West gave me a good opportunity to visit my son Jean Frédéric
who currently enjoys his few months as exchange student at the University of California in Irvine. Very lucky to have flown out of Munich and to have been on one of the last flights from Europe that was not cancelled due to the Icelandic volcano... "we asked them to send cash, not ash ;-)" was the latest local joke on this affair

Las Vegas was a obvious destination for a father and son weekend, especially since my own godson Julien Asseo just started a job in the kitchen of Las Vegas' most celebrated restaurant: Robuchon, which is the only restaurant in town to have been awarded *** in the Guide Michelin. Julien's father Stéphane, longtime friend, is the godfather of Jean Frédéric and owns the very successful l'Aventure Vineyards in Paso Robles.

"What goes to Vegas, stays in Vegas" so you may not hear all the details of our weekend but the yellow label is to be found amongst one arm bandits and l'Atelier de Joel Robuchon is soon to feature Hugel Gentil by the glass. The veteran team of Vegas sends its regards to Diego who now manages their Tokyo operation...


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With our new dreamteam in Manila


It seems that for us, as for many vintners alike, the market in the Philippines was slightly off the radar of all the fast emerging Asian economies. As far as our wines were concerned, we had had no real presence in this market for well over a decade.

During the last edition of Vinexpo in Bordeaux, we had the pleasure of welcoming the visit of wine lover Romeo Sia who showed great interest in taking in his hands the destiny of our wines in his country. With great determination and efficiency, a first order was placed and shipped. Part of the new partnership agreement was a market visit to launch the wines.

Manila was therefore added to the already long list of countries on this tour. Staff training press lunch / interviews and visiting several Healthy Options stores that were until now the main activity of Romy and his dedicated team... Yet there is one project that has recently been on Romeo's mind: opening Wine Story in Manila's top shopping location. This state of the art space dedicated to excellence in and around wines will certainly put Manila on the global wine map. No efforts have been spared, from design, state of the art by the glass dispender, wine books and a tasting room that would rival those of long established London wine merchants !

Best of luck Romeo and all your enthusiastic and now fully trained dream team, you will at last be putting Manila on the wine map.    



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A journey to Vietnam with a Palmer escort


What better life can there be than blending business with friendship and pleasure ? In just a few days, Thomas Duroux, CEO of Château Palmer and the team of our Vietnamese agents Tankhoa have multiplied the exposure to our respective wines through a series of perfectly orchestrated events in Hanoi and HCM city (Saigon)

In just 3 days, we met in Hanoi with the staff of Bacchus Corner for a staff training session of the enthusiastic team supervised by Baldwin Jehanno. Thomas and I were greeted by the entire team of the Métropole Hanoi, first of the new series of the Sofitel Legend flagship brand. GM Kai Speth
can be proud of his F&B team, Carl Gagnon, Charles Demange and their colleagues. The gala dinner was not only outstanding but also full of surprises, a bathtub used to chill down the wines had to be tested just prior to the dinner for photographic purposes and also to put us all in good spirit... The joint Palmer - Hugel dinner ended-up in good spirit (our 45° Framboise was served) and some of the local attendants even started a karaoke... in pure Vietnamese tradition ;-)

Next day was spent in Saigon, the economical capital of Vietnam. In the headquarter city of our importer Tankhoa, Dongkoi and ever efficient (and charming) assistant Nhu greeted us with the team of their retail outlet Bacchus Corner that has experienced a serious facelift since the last visit. The day's gala dinner was at centrally located Caravelle Hotel with guest chef Jean Baptiste Natali at the piano. Jean Baptiste runs l'hostellerie La Montagne, the Michelin starred restaurant next to the Mémorial Charles de Gaulle in Colombey les deux églises. The sold out event saw 65 happy gusts enjoying the carefully decanted wines of Château Palmer, including the 1990 vintage and ending-up with our Gewurztraminer SGN 2005, all specially airfreighted for the event. Good friend and ambassador for Hugel wines Eric Simard attended the dinner with his wife Nadège that took the photo of the "dream team" on
THE yellow Lambretta whose developing story has been featured on our Blog since 2007 and updated for the 3rd time...

Following Thomas Duroux's departure some more relaxing work took place, a most memorable boatride on the Saigon river organised by Hugel client Madlen Ernest that runs with her father Bonsai river cruise and uses Gentil on board their two ships. Some genuine  
local food after all the French wining & dining. Chef Jean Baptiste Natali giving a finishing touch to the seafood soup with a splash of our Riesling. We still enjoyed the rest of the bottle even so we had to use teacups to drink the wine... The boatride with Dongkoi and Nhu and the scooter ride thereafter will leave ever lasting memories of a visit to a country in rapid evolution but where the inhabitants show a sense of hospitality rarely seen elsewhere in Asia.

Never been to Vietnam ? Call your travel agent right now ! Eric Simard's Victoria hotels are saving a room for you !


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A dinner with friends at Melina and NK Yong


A visit to Singapore would not be complete without seeing longtime friends Melina and NK Yong. The memories are still vivid of NK's celebration 80...

This time Hugel wines were partnered with Château Palmer with its CEO and close friend Thomas Duroux  who had sent for the occasion some very special wines, of which his Historic Blend (as in the past, Clarets were "Hermitagés" by the adition of some Northern Rhône fleshy syrah). The menu was, as ever, simply spectacular.

No fewer that 35 friends were gathered for the occasion at Melina and NK's home, with guests spreaded around two impressive tables, the senior members at the head table and, waiting patiently for their "upgrade" one day, the junior table... Guest list included Shangri-La's new Hotel Manager
Thomas Schmitt-Glaeser. NK's cellar, part of it only lying in Singapore includes a rare bottle of 
1865 Palmer which is not even found at the châteaux cellar...

My very first experience dining at at Melina and NK's home goes back almost 20 years with the very missed Gérard Jaboulet. He had "warned" me that the best meal he had ever had in Singapore came out of Melina's kitchen. This still remains true to me until today. Its most gracious and generous host also remains a very special person with a huge heart called NK.
Thank you both for your continued friendship.


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In Taipei there is 101 and Jessie !


Taipei may not be the most amazing Asian city in terms of scenery even so Taipei 101 is the architectual pride of the city but its charm is elsewhere. Because of its history and the fact that in 1949 many nationalists joined the island from the Mainland, it offers one of the most diverse melting pot in all of China.

In the wine trade like in many business sectors the drive is in the hands of dynamic female entrepreneurs. Jessie Fang is one them and one of a kind, respected and connected like very few women in this elsewhere male dominated sector. Leading Brands is also a leader in educating Taiwanese to fine wines and certainly fully committed to ours, in a market still heavily influenced by the Gambei culture (thanks Mark for your article)

On the first evening of my arrival, Jessie gave me a memorable tour of the gastronomic street scene of Taipei, having previously double decanted a rare bottle of Argentinian icon wine Nicolas of Catena Zapata enjoyed with adequate glassware between the stalls, with a surprising "menu degustation" of duck from neck to nozzle. Even so wine consumption is growing rapidly here as elsewhere in Asia, wine is not yet in the scope of street eaters as we could notice from people passing by...

On the agenda of this 3 days visit, a lunch at dim sum specialist Din Tai Fung that is one of Taiwan's eating institution, dumplings are all prepared in front of the guests and ordered by ticking a form exclusively available in Chinese, the assistance of a local is therefore highly recommended... but juicy pork dumplings remain my absolute favourite ! In the afternoon, a trade tasting for wholesalers and wine lovers with a presentation in Traditionnal Chinese updated in record time by Sammy, Jessie's competant and dynamic assistant (pictured above right) followed by a dinner with some close GM friends.

On the last day, some visits of retail shops with Vincent, some within department stores, including Dean & Deluca and the familiar Costco with its popular eating corner whose menu includes a local version of pizza with Peking duck ! Jessie and her entire team does a fantastic job for the distribution of our wines in a market where white wines account for just 10% of the total wine sales.

The evening dinner was no less memorable, with a traditionnal Chinese new year banquet dinner menu including a succulent local version of pork shank with the pairing in a local traditionnal restaurant of our wines for a group of friendly and enthusiast members of the press. Our white wines did make us all happy !

Mission accomplished Jessie, thanks to you and all your great team !


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China's awakening, white (or golden ;-) wines makes you happy !


The pace of economic growth in China of 10% in a depressed World economic context looks very conservative when looking at the boom in the hospitality sector. Following Beijing with its Olympics, the focus is now clearly on Shanghai with the upcoming World Expo.

There seems to be no limit to new hotel openings, such as the Peninsula, perpetuating the standarts of excellence of its Hong Kong flagship property... only 2 Rolls Royces for the moment in front of the Shanghai hotel, but a quick walk on Nanjing Road and its amazing shopping centers shows the direction the city is taking: luxury brands are all there, loved the sign Dior opening soon, not far from the Ferrari dealership...

On the program of my visit, other than Shanghai, trade tastings in the booming city of Shenzhen where China's economic boom all started during Deng Xiao Ping's presidency, then Guangzhou (Canton) which will soon see the opening of the first Alsace restaurant called Alsace Village with Christophe Bilde and his brother in charge and soon to be a Hugel ambassadors in the city. A 4th city was the peaceful and scenic Hangzhou on the lake with a dinner event at the newly opened Plaza Royale hosted at their Thaï restaurant that opened just 4 days earlier !

There seems to be no limit to the apetite to grow in China and wines are indeed part if this growth. Yet, for many Chinese, wine is almost synonimous to red wine so our main challenge and focus now with our Chinese agents Summergate is to educate on the pairing of the "Chopstick's favourite wines" with Chinese gastronomy. A very encourageing sign is Shangri-La, one of the leader in the industry trying to establish its Shang Palace or Summer Palace chinese restaurants as their flagship restaurants. In Hong Kong's Island Shangri-La their restaurant was awarded ** Michelin !

Back to Shanghai for a few relaxing days in the latest opened ***** hotels, member of Leading Hotels of the World, the urban resort of The Puli, with a most relaxing stay in a such a vibrant city. From Martijn the GM to all the staff including Frenchman Cédric Martin all the team of the Puli went out of their way to make each guest feel they are their most important customer. This was certainly the case for Summergate's Dieter Grün's GM friends that we had the pleasure to entertain.

Can there be any better profession than making people happy ? We are an important part of the hospitality equation, wine is an essential part and offers its adequate "lubricant" properties ;-)

A quick walk through the traditionnal parts of Shanghai is another eye opener, revealing the amazings contrast between tradition and modernity, playing table tennis on a recycled door with a very solid net !

Off to Taiwan with at last direct flights to the island which clearly understands its interest to increase its ties with its mainland neighbour. More on that visit shortly...


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Enjoying Singlish and hawker center lifestyle


See the great article by Jenny in Singapore's Sunday Times the following weekend: Alsace meets Asia and also a nice report on Daniel Chia's blog

The city state of Singapore is unique in many respects. From overseas some may just know a sanitized opulent city which forbids the chewing of gums...

Singapore offers much more including some hidden treasures very much enjoyed by the locals. One of Singapore's amazing hospitality is also found in its multi cultural food scene right next to some of the best in the hospitality business, from airline to some of the World's finest hotels. One facet not to be missed is what they call Hawker Centers. Just had one of the best (and most charming) guide, local and fast growing local wine authority Jenny Tan (pictured above with friend Daniel Chia)

Jenny Tan is an independent wine writer, who contributes to the weekly wine review column for The Straits Times, the national newspaper. Born and bred in Singapore, she also works on the wine pages for several magazines in the region, such as The Edge, Appetite and Silverkris. Her next project: a wine blog catered for the growing Asian market. She is amongst the who's who of some the World's finest wine writers for Wine Business International

Some of these open air eateries are known and visited by tourists, but some are well kept secrets and need some local guidance such as Tiong Bahru market. Popular stalls include the pig's organ soup, and the roast meats but as we were there for brunch we settled for chwee kueh, raw fish salad and congee amongst others. Very hard to make a choice with such a wide variety od specialyies so patience is usually rewarded, the longer queues are an excellent indication... No luxury there, the tables are cleared in efficient style but what an explosion of TASTE ! No wine yet on offer (other than BYO) but in Singapore, things do change quickly and wine is fast becoming part of the local way of life.

One last tip, from Jenny herself, in preparation for your visit, you may like to acustom yourself with Singlish... I am willing to take courses ;-) Merci Jenny ! 


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A moving endorsement by Serena Sutcliffe M.W.

Serena Sutcliffe M.W. head of Sotheby's Wine Department was the Master of Ceremony
at the Primum Familiae Vini event at the Hong Kong Island Shangri-La black tie even.

Serena made a very moving introduction to Etienne Hugel
and tribute to uncle Johnny.



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A very special day at Brasserie GENTIL in... Tokyo


A few years ago we had the pleasure of welcoming Tomita-san on a tour of our vineyards together with top sommeliers, organised by our Japanese agents Jeroboam. Just over a year ago we received our Japanese friend with his wife for a private visit to us where the couple was looked after by my small family. It seems this visit made quite an impression on Tomita-san that decided to create his brasserie that he decided to name Brasserie GENTIL.

As this is a premiere, I has offered to pay a visit to Tomita-san's newly opened establishment. He just took advantage of my brief Tokyo stay to organise a typical Alsace lunch for some of his customers...

Needless to say that GENTIL was served with some tarte flambée and with the excellent choucroute made from local cabbage. A very rare Magnum of our Pinot Noir Les Neveux 2003 was served for the occasion, much to the delight of the happy guests.

Many more new friends were made on that occasion, hoping they will visit Alsace one day and make new friends themselves... and spread the word.



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PFV events with Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts from 16 to 21 November 2009


From 16 to 21 November 2009, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, will host a series of exclusive events together with Primum Familiae Vini.

Gala dinners will take place
- at Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong (16 November 2009)
- at Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo (18 November 2009)
- and at Pudong Shangri-La, Shanghai (20 November 2009).

Trade and press events (by invitation only) will also be taking place at all above venues.
At gala dinners, a member of each family will present the family estate and one of its flagship wines that are hard to acquire in the marketplace, paired with specially designed menus.

In each city, the gala dinners will be moderated by longtime PFV friend Serena Sutcliffe M.W. head of Sotheby's Wine Department.

Guests will have the opportunity to celebrate their passion for fine food and wine through intimate and personal conversation with 11 families who are the historic owners of some of the world's very greatest vineyards.

The PFV members in attendance will be Alessia Antinori (Marchesi Antinori), Baroness Philippine de Rothschild (Château Mouton Rothschild), Laurent Drouhin (Maison Joseph Drouhin), Egon Müller (Egon Müller Scharzhof), Etienne Hugel (Hugel et Fils), Hubert de Billy (Champagne Pol Roger), Marc Perrin and Pierre Perrin (Perrin et Fils), Paul Symington (Graham's, Warre's and Dow's Port), Juan-Maria Torres (Torres), Sebastiano Rosa (Tenuta San Guido) and Pablo Alvarez (Vega Sicilia).

A Primum Familiae Vini collection case, containing one bottle of each member's flagship wine, will be auctioned under the hammer of Serena Sutcliffe M.W. at the gala dinners for the benefit of a local charity.

Reservations have been accepted since 1 September 2009. Dinner are sold out, perhaps a few last seats left for Tokyo...
- Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo (18 November 2009) slty@shangri-la.com or by telephone at (81 3) 6739 7888

See the Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong e-flyer here
See the Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo e-flyer here
See the Pudong Shangri-La e-flyer here

Media access to Press kits here
P.F.V. Media Library access (bottom left of the menu)
username: PFV
password: SL

For media or trade enquiries, please contact info@pfv.org


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A memorable Grand Cru charity event in Toronto


This year marked the 5th anniversary of Grand Cru Culinary Wine Festival in Toronto. In its first four years, Grand Cru has raised over $5.5 million for research at Toronto General Hospital and Toronto Western Hospital.

In aditions to the wining and dining, tasting and auction, 2009 also marked the 50th anniversary of Todd Halpern, co-chair of the event and long time friend and agent. As in the past, the presence of vintners and celebrity chefs was amazing, the hosting donors greeted us at their homes with incredible generosity in company of the scientists that will make best use of the money raised to our mutual benefit.

See how well the funds will be used by the McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine on this Youtube video

The party that followed was something else: elephants, baby lion and a zoo of happy vintners dressed-up for the occasion. See a selection of photos of the events here

Congratulation to Todd, Colin and all the team of Halpern Enterprises.


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Hugel bottle signing at Whole Foods


On a recent visit to Chicago, the largest and best located Whole Foods store gave us a chance to make new friends to our wines.

All the team of the Lincoln Park store gave our wines an excellent stage to sample our wines together will long time Frederick Wildman friend
Dave Bertoli.


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End of the second harvest week with a "family" visit


This second week of harvest is coming to a close with glorious weather, dry and sunny with record levels of maturity. Gewurztraminers well over 14° potential and some Rieslings as we had not seen for many years now. Big smiles on many faces, including ours...

Taking advantage of the glorious weather, Riquewihr is litterally invaded by tourists. We receive that afternoon a group of visitors from Bremen, the hanseatic town where most of the historic german wine importers have been located, including our longtime customer Segnitz. Amongst them, many are already well accustomed with our wines under the local guidance of Christine and Pierre Hugel. During our harvest, we do our best to "filter" cellar visits the best we can as all of our focus must remain with the pressure of harvest work. Pierre Hugel, even if not related to our family has obviously found his keys to our cellars... Pierre, by his name but also by his passion for wines, shared by his wife is the président du directoire of WÜRTH France whose museum in Erstein is one of the most important corporate collection of modern art. We could not resist taking a picture of both Pierre Hugel which will be the first time my nephew, son of my brother Marc will appear on this Blog. His sister Margot will find her own trick to convince her uncle blogger to feature her...

After a last extensive working day, time has come to part ways with my team of unloading and pressing as supplies from contract growers comes to an end. Some of them will go back to their regular work, some will join our growing team of 50 in our own estate under the guidance of Jean Claude Ortlieb.


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Filming during the vintage, just say YES to Debra !

Deb_Meiburg _visit.jpg

Imagine saying no to such a request... on one of the busiest day of harvest ?

Vintage time must understandably act as a magnet for wine lovers, not to mention the media so when such a TV feature opportunity presented itself over the phone just days before, the overwhelming charm, enthusiasm and passion of Debra Meiburg M.W. gave us no chance at all. Accompanied by Ed Bean and crue with such an impressive track record as seen on his company's website there needed little further convincing.

Hours of taping, in the vineyards, cellars, tasting room, but also in the hidden courtyards of Riquewihr should produce a film where the charm of Debra will convince anybody pressing the clicker to follow her series on wine. A whole 30' on Alsace in the first round of episodes and in great company, not a bad day of harvest at all, the sun and the stars were definitely above us in Riquewihr !

At the end their whole crew even did the acting for this photo


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Japanese Imperial visit at Hugel


On this first weekend of our harvest, André Hugel, president of the historical society of Riquewihr had the great honour of welcoming the brother of the Emperor of Japan, his imperial highness Hitachi-no-miya Masahito shinnō and his wife Princess Tsugaru Hanako.

On the agenda of this visit, a quick tour of Riquewihr, the present of a bottle of the year of their wedding in presence of 3 generations of our family, the signature of our visitor's book and the tasting of a glass of our Gewurztraminer Vendange Tardive 2001


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A moving few days at VINEXPO

For us, Vinexpo 2009 will long remain a strong symbol of continuity, with some very moving moments and countless words of sympathy from our importers, colleagues, journalists or just friends of the family.
Following Jean Hugel's recent death, all our visitors were pleased to meet the two "youngsters" of the next - 13th - generation, Jean Frédéric and Marc André Hugel, both aged 20, who took a working break from their studies for a first step up the ladder of our family business.
We were happily almost swamped by visits from our importers - almost 70% of our international contacts attended Vinexpo - not to mention numerous journalists and friends, some bearing excellent news for the future. But we were above all touched by the immense wave of sympathy for our sad loss.
A special mention must be made about the Asian lunch on  Wednesday 24th June. Our friend the journalist Simon TAM flew in specially from Hong Kong, bringing the most delicious dim sum dumplings, deep frozen Xiao Long Bao, a Shanghai speciality impossible to find in Europe, accompanied by succulent fresh mangoes brought over by another friend, our importer for India Sanjay Menon, recently named by Decanter Magazine as one of the 50 most important people in the international wine world.
As usual, our days were fully occupied, but also our evenings, including a dinner at Château Mouton-Rothschild at Philippine's invitation, in the company of all the national presidents of the International Union of Sommeliers. There was also a less formal, relaxed, festive evening at Château Palmer, at the table of its director, our friend Thomas Duroux, with producer colleagues from all over France.
The final day was marked by a moment of emotion, when two great friends of "uncle Johnny" came to pay their respects : John Avery MW, with his daughter Mimi, and Liliane Barton, daughter of Anthony Barton, also accompanied by her daughter.
The world of wine is, without any shadow of a doubt, the warmest and friendliest networking system in existence  ;-)
It was an exceptional Vinexpo for us, from all points of view, despite family sadness and the miserable economic climate.
Please see our Vinexpo 2009 gallery for photo highlights


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A busy week in the UK


Hard to believe that the UK economy is in crisis (other than political) on a recent market visit which coincided with the EU elections and quite some turmoil amongst MP's and members of the cabinet. Sir Winston Churchill still firmly on his pedestall watching all this...

On the agenda, a couple of tastings for the Wine Society a long standing supporter of our wines and about to send their members an Alsace offer for a selection of wines from the outstanding 2007 vintage. A great occasion also to see our dearest Alsace colleagues at a now almost traditionnal closing Indian dinner, this time in Nottinham's finest Indian restaurant. Always worth the journey even 5500 miles from Delhi ;-) 

For the rest of this trip, brilliantly orchestrated by the enthusiastic Fells team that now overlook our UK interests, visits and wining and dinings included ever loyal friends such as London's Bleeding Heart for a dinner at thir crypt for 60 of Robyn and Robert's avid customers.

On a busy journey north, an eye opening visit to Oxford leading (and friendliest) wine merchant with a tasting combined with video interview at The Oxford Wine Company. The short video clips are now accessible from their homepage and on Youtube. Rushing then off to the historic market town of Ludlow which has become the aera's gastro capital. Absolutely outstanding wine dinner at La Becasse for some even happier guests after dinner came to a close... 

Back to London on a visit to Harrods with a staff tasting in anticipation to their promotion on Famous Wine Families. The tasting to take place on 18 June between 7 and 9 pm at their wine department will see Jean Frédéric, first member of our 13th generation presenting our wines abroad. When his dad was about 22 years old and before actually starting full time at Hugel I did my very first instore tasting at... Harrods. Jean Frédéric, now 20 is thrilled to follow daddy's footsteps, hoping that Harrods customers will be equally thrilled to hear this Wine Family story...

A final quick stop at the Ritz and off home with a lovely piece of stilton enjoyed by my loved ones over the weekend with a bottle of Graham's vintage Port from our Symington friends. Soooo British !  



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Hugel Wine Experience at BVLGARI Bali


One of those rare moments where business blends into sheer pleasure and a rare feeling of having reached perfection... The occasion came at the end of an extensive 3 weeks Asian market visits before a few days vacations with my wife Anne Christine. A few days in Bali, almost exactly 20 years after our first visit together to this paradise on earth.

As if life was not good enough, on the only day of customer visits on the island, our local importer Putu Murtika had the good idea to pay a quick visit together to probably the most amazing Bali resort, the famous BVLGARI Bali.

Greeted in style in an amazing surrounding by Director of F&B Radu Cernia and executive chef Andrew Skinner. As some specially sent wines were still available for the course of my visit, an exclusive dinner was put in place with the blessing of the GM and long time Hugel friend Robert Lagerwey.

In just a week, a most amazing menu was created, a flyer produced with a selection of Asian dishes created to match our wines like never before. Also an uncompromising attention to details on the presentation of the dishes up to the marking of the different glasses. The select guests (by invitation only) had a chance to enjoy some of our wines that were available for the first time in Indonesia.

If perfection does not exist, it may well have found its closest expression, where all comes so harmoniously together. Planning a visit to Bali ? You may want to make your own opinion of the BVLGARI Bali   


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Hugel wine served at NATO summit in Strasbourg


If there was one good news about the benefit for Alsace of the recent NATO summit in Strasbourg, it is that Americans will at last know that Strasbourg is in... France. We were of course delighted when we heard that one of our wines, our Pinot Gris Tradition 2005 had been chosen for the Friday night gala dinner prepared by Strasbourg's most celebrated chef Emile Jung of Crocodile restaurant

As husbands and wives did not dine at the same table that night nor did they have the same beverage selection (oh... la la !) until the following day we were not sure if our wine had been served to Barack and Nicolas or at Michelle and Carla's party. Knowing the popularity and personality of the first ladies, we are pleased to report that our wine was enjoyed at Michelle and Carla's dinner and from what we heard through the grapevine, they had lots of fun ;-) Thank you Emile for your nice words in the menu you sent us. Perhaps our French President should take lessons on that from his Italian born wife !

Having heard the news on the occasion of a visit to Japan, walking in front of a local hotel doing a promotion for US beef with the poster of President Obama, I could not resist taking this picture... Yes, we can ! 



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In yellow livery with Victoria friend in Vietnam


Above picture taken on January 26, 2010 in Saigon with friends Eric Simard and Dong Khoi...

The story is just too nice not to be told...

It all starts in late 2006 when former Auberge de l'Ill employee, Franco-Vietnamese Eric Simard contacts us from Vietnam asking if we were interested to start establishing distribution in his distant Indochina market. Eric now head of Victoria hotels obviously knows the various importers and recommends Franco-Vietnamese Dong Khoi of leading importer Tan Khoa.

No later than two months later, our wines were launched in Vietnam with both of our friend involved. The above center picture was taken in January 2007 with Eric on his yellow Lambretta whose colour is exactly that of our labels... In Vietnam most transports happen on two wheels, including sometimes deliveries as on above right photo with Tan Khoa's boss taken in January 2008 on second market visit. My reaction: Eric, it would be so nice if you, our Hugel ambassador had our logo added to your yellow Lambretta.

And here we go, above is Eric Simard's Lambretta reunion with his two wine friends driven by our "Vienamese ambassador". Needless to say that Hugel wines are to be found at Victoria hotels.

This World of wines is really a very special one, where friendship blends so nicely into our lives and memories. CHEERS and THANKS !


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Bottle signing at Costco in Orlando, Florida


This must look like the daily life of an Alsacian vintner (not to be mistaken with a German sheppard please), touring central Florida over the weekend. "Dry bottle tasting" as it is called here, in other words signing bottles with no possibility to sample the wines at a few Costco stores of the Orlando area which were at this occasion case stacking two our our wines.

Not only was the welcome very enthusiastic by the consumers, but, magic of the wine trade, it was also the occasion to see some old acquaintances, including Oliver Slinker the retired Pennsylvania Liquor Board commissioner pictured calling one of his long time wine friend and former distributor Mr Mongolis, now both retired in Florida. Also a great occasion to make new friends of whom some Canadians escaping from their hard winters at home...

A special warm thank you to all the Costco staff, especially Brendon Mc Gyver for his assistance in helping set up my much desired audio visual equipment. Also so nice to see old time Wildman friend Dave Bertoli who shares both the same virus and passion for wine ;-)

At the Costco store at Altalonte springs on Saturday, we were given a state of the art TV display, right next to a seafood demo allowig us to present the many interesting pictures of the vineyards, cellar, family and a frightening historical one, in colour, taken by my grand father from his house in 1942. Just two years later we welcomed the liberators of the 36th Texan rangers on their arrival December 5, 1944 with joy, relief and the best wine we had been saving...

With new Frederick Wildman state manager Kirk Baker, in just one Saturday, over 120 bottles were sold and signed and again meeting new Hugel afficionados that included old time friend John Leahey. We are definitely in "peoples' business" and wine is indeed a social lubricant !

... and it kept on getting better. Mind you getting a Frenchman to work in a store on a Sunday is a real "tour de force" too ! The Costco staff went out of their way and high in the air to make our wines best introduced to their clients with a high tech, sleek, and most impressive display. By the end of the day Kirk Baker was starting to feel he was the new boss ;-)


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Hugel wines at Wine Salon, Belgrade now available in Serbia


If the political face of former Yugoslavia is rapidly changing, the same can be said about the wine scene in its former republics, now all independent countries.

Our wines were recent guests of Belgrade Wine Salon which saw a rare attendance of several thousands of wine lovers keen to discover wineries from the region but also from beyond their former borders. This impressive event is organised by Slavomir Cirovic, the multi task head of IN VINO that also produce WINE ROUTE a TV program on wine and the magazine PUT VINA that both just featured our wines.

In just two days, press interviews, seminars with presentations were several attendants were young importers showing an interest in bringing our wines into Serbia.

With the media coverage that our wines had just enjoyed, the popularity of our wines was far beyond expectations. The sampling went on, non stop, with all 72 bottles sent consumed to the last drop leaving our table with dozens of empty bottles at the end of both days.

The many guests that got excited by our wines will be pleased to hear that our wines are now available in Serbia in the stores ''Vinodom Wine shops&bars''
- Bul.Mihaila Pupina 10a, 11070 Novi Beograd, tel: 0113118747
- Gracanicka 16, 11000 Beograd, tel: 0112632921
- Nebojsina 8, 11000 Beograd, tel: 0113863888
Feel free to contact M & V Wines doo for more details.



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New distribution arrangements in the UK, Hugel joining Fells


We were delighted a month or so ago to announce the appointment of John E Fells and Sons as the exclusive distributor of  "HUGEL" wines in England, Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands.

The move was quickly reported in the trade magazine Harpers. Fells took over the Hugel agency and in a significant change in strategy, have now started making our wines available from UK stock.

Being a member of the Primum Familiae Vini association we have now joined our Oporto friends of the Symington family and Miguel Torres who are the other members of PFV within the Fells' portfolio.

In just over a month, Hugel wines were presented at the Wine and Food Event organised by Fells on 22nd October at Somerset House, and a full day seminar and tasting was held at Fells offices to introduce all their team to Hugel wines (photo above).

Despite very difficult market conditions, the response so far from UK customers has been beyond expectations. A second order had to be placed as the initial stock shipped depleted faster than expected. In the coming months many of our UK friends will be happy to see their favourite yellow labels back on fine wine lists.



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Hugel at l'Eté du Vin, Nashville Wine Auction 2008


For a few days the capital of country music became the capital of wine in the country with an amazing celebration of fines wines and foods, joy, friendship and generosity for a charitable cause, the fight against cancer.

Hugel together with Champagne Pol Roger, Louis Jadot Burgundy and Bordeaux's Château Palmer were the guests of honour of l'Ete du Vin, America’s oldest charity wine auction.

Part of the 3 days events was a tutored tasting with moderator Robin Kelly O'Connor, a black tie gala dinner and an auction where a magnum of our Gewurztraminer Sélection de Grains Nobles 1989 S raised a record 4200 $. These days also saw a series of lunches and dinners hosted by generous donours in their gorgeous home(s) with wines that went well beyond vintages and wines that we had donated.

Above all, Ete du Vin is a celebration of what fine wines is all about, sharing good moments with friends, old or new that included Patrice Noyelle of Champagne Pol Roger, with wife Benedicte whose family owns Clos de Tart, Jacques Lardière of Louis Jadot and Thomas Duroux of Château Palmer, a long time personnal friend. 

New friends and local patrons, with most amazing cellars and generosity included Tom Black and Keith Pitts that hosted us in their amazing well cellared homes... current and future ;-)

A huge thank you to the organizers, especially Torrey Stella Barnhill, Events Director, executive director Michael Haney and wine director Collin Husbands. Their professionalism was as precious as their kindness. Last but not least American Airlines that went well beyond their duties to fly us making all possible arrangements... and more !

How could one spend some time in Nashville without a tour of music related landmarks and bars.
PFV friend Patrice Noyelle of Champagne Pol Roger also a partner in our US importer Frederick Wildman even found a soundtrack whose title is Drinking Champagne, feeling no pain... Winston Churchill could not have said it any better !

You can view here a selection of pictures of the event


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Hugel launch with Summergate in Macau


With over 27 million visitors in 2007, Macau has become one of Asia's top destination. Since the liberalization of gaming industry in 2002 most of the key hotel groups have or are about to open including the major Las Vegas giants such as Sands, Wynn or MGM.

A market one can no longer ignore as the industry's turnover already exceeds that of Las Vegas, and things are not over yet...

In its Asian environment, the chopstick's favourite wines have had to find their ambassadors and it is logically our mainland Chinese importers Summergate that was handed over this responsability.

In a 3 days visit just prior to Vinexpo Hong Kong, a series of events were organised at the Crown Macau, MGM Grand and Wynn. Following a lunch with the press, staff trainings and dinners, our wines will be featured using our sleek and own designed cooler box ©

This short stay also allowed a chance to visit the new Asian capital of gaming with its unique Portugese charm.

You can see the photo gallery of this visit.


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Annual PFV event in Vancouver and Whistler,

For its latest annual event, members of Primum Familiae Vini travelled to beautiful British Columbia for a series of events jointly organised by their local agents from March 8-11, 2008.

As in past years in other provinces of Canada, the
local Liquor Board welcomed the visit with a promotion featuring some of the finest wines of the various producers.

trade and consumer tastings were held at the Four Seasons Vancouver which also hosted a most spectacular gala dinner orchestrated by its General Manager Mr Guy Rigby, a long time friend of PFV.
A tasting for selected members of the press was also held with two rare wines from each producer.
A detailed report can be seen on

You can see the
Photo Gallery of the various events.

Primum Familiae Vini members attending and wines that were savoured at the gala dinner:

  • Hubert de Billy - Pol Roger Blanc de Blancs 1999
  • Etienne Hugel - Riesling Jubilee 2004
  • Laurent J. Drouhin - Beaune Clos des Mouches Blanc 2005
  • Alessia Antinori - Tignanello 2004
  • Miguel Torres - Grans Muralles 2001
  • Sebastiano Rosa - Tenuta San Guido, Sassicaia 2000
  • Thomas Perrin - Château de Beaucastel Hommage a Jacques Perrin 2000
  • Pablo Alvarez - Vega Sicilia Unico 1994
  • Julien S. de Rothschild - Château Mouton Rothschild 1989
  • Egon Müller - Scharzhofberger Auslese Goldkapsel 2005
  • Rupert Symington - Graham's Vintage Port 1980

    A Primum Familiae Vini
    collection case was auctioned for charity. One single case raised 45.000 CA$ to benefit the BC Mental Health Foundation.
  • 03/02/2008

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    In Japan with Serge Dubs, the Word's best sommelier


    Yet another trip to Japan, this time with the support of our good friend Serge Dubs in cooperation with our local partner agent Jeroboam.

    On the agenda this time, a large scale tasting for members of the Japanese Sommelier Association with a record attendance of 320 top sommeliers that came to taste no less than 8 rieslings from our domaine with the authoritive comments of the Best Sommelier in the World 1989.

    Another highlight of this visit was a dinner in Nagoya where our friends of the Haeberlin family just opened a year ago an Auberge de l'Ill together with Monsieur Hiramatsu, keeping intact the symbol of their celebrated HH. Another Auberge de l'Ill is due to open this time in Tokyo, the city with most Michelin starred restaurants in the World. Their partnership may in due course challenge Château Robuchon that was just awarded *** Michelin.

    The remaining part of this week long stay was visits to clients, winemaker dinners and tutored tastings organised by our importer centered on a Hugel X Asian Cuisine promotion which enjoys a great success.

    On the agenda of the last day of this week long stay is a visit to Enoteca with a warm and generous welcome by Hirose-san before a quick stop with some bottle signing at Dean and DeLuca conveniently located in the Tokyo mid-town shopping center. Our wines are currently featured at both of these prestigious retail outlets.

    Discover a slideshow of pictures of this visit.



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    Gastronomic earthquake in Tokyo

    The news, which had been a closely guarded secret right to the end, spread like wildfire through the kitchens of the world, as we were privileged to witness for ourselves. See photo

    In effect, we were at the Grand Hyatt Roppongi, the hotel where the dazzling array of guest chefs were staying, with our friends and partners of Jeroboam, our importer in Japan. We learn almost at the same moment that Jeroboam was selected as Japan's best wine importer in a survey sent to 250 key members of the Japanese wine trade. The result of the survey was published by Wine Business International

    With Marc Perrin (Beaucastel) and Hubert de Billy (Champagne Pol Roger) we were at the end of a one week market visit.

    The event, related below, will certainly have a long-lasting effect on the entire wine and food world. It is also an inestimable opportunity to be seized as far as our wines are concerned. For many decades our wines have been widely distributed throughout the land of the rising sun, because their ability to match the local cuisine is almost legendary.

    TOKYO 'AFP) - On Monday, Tokyo became the Michelin guide's most "star-studded" city in the world. In only its second foray outside the western world, the red guidebook has awarded a record 191 "rosettes" to the restaurants of Japan's capital city, twice as many as in Paris.

    For the first time in the 108 year history of the famous French guidebook, a grand total of 150 selected restaurants have been awarded at least one star, a tribute to what Michelin calls the "cuisine beyond compare" of Japan.

    Eight restaurants -- five with Japanese cuisine and three with French cuisine -- have received the supreme distinction of three stars, which honour only those establishments that are said to merit making a special journey. 25 other restaurants were awarded two "rosettes" and the remaining 117, one.


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    Dr NK YONG's Celebration 80



    It was titled "Celebration 80, ode to joy" a tribute to a very unique person by some of the World's finest wines and their attending producers.

    An amazing list of the who's who of wine producers  but also for the happy few (still numbering about 350). A very special occasion of tasting in the presence of most vintners and some of their finest vintages. As if this was not enough, the tasting was tutored by the vintners themselves together with the expert comments of Serena Sutcliffe M.W. and husband David Peppercorn M.W.

    Most important an ode to friendship and hospitality of Melina and NK YONG that will long be remembered by all the spoiled attendees.

    A short photo gallery of three amazing days can be seen here. 


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    The chopsticks' favourite wines !

    There are fewer and fewer economists, even in the western world that put into question that the center of gravity of the world's economy is moving towards Asia, and in particular around China.

    Similar things can be said when it comes to the dynamism of the hospitality industry. No city has a greater number of fine hotels opening up than Shanghai or Beijing. They act as magnets for some of the world's finest hotel groups and celebrity chefs.

    Having always preached the perfect mariage between our wines and Asian cuisine(s), the consumers are now gradually starting to fully enjoy that ideal combination. The message is now also fuelled by our outstanding local importers that are true ambassadors to our wines.

    A rencent visit to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan has opened a few new eyes. Our local importers are sharing our enthusiasm and no longer hesitate to organise Hugel wine events centered on Asian or fusion cuisine such as at the celebrated Whampoa Club on Shanghai's Bund.

    See an extensive photo gallery of these fascinating visits by clicking here


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    An XXL Jeroboam visit, Japan November 2006

    It has almost become a tradition with our friends of Champagne Laurent Perrier, Marc Perrin of Château de Beaucastel and Thomas Duroux director of Château Palmer to visit Japan together for a few days of intensive wining and dining...

    Each time a demontration of French wines at their best with amongst others Cuvée Grand Siècle, Beaucastel 1990, Palmer 1990 ending up the feast with our Gewurztraminer Sélection de Grains Nobles 1989. 

    Photo at Michel Troisgros Tokyo with chef Lionel Beccat... and some happy faces !

    In each case, as expected, an attention to every details of any event planned by the very dedicated and professionnel the team of Jeroboam our Japanese importer.

    For a selection of some of the pictures taken during this visit simply click here


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    Amazing Grand Cru charity wine event in Toronto

    GC_2006.JPG Just another amazing Grand Cru event put together by Todd & Colin Halpern and their team for their main clients, friends and suppliers. Delighted to be one of them.

    You can see the photo gallery of these memorable days here

    The list of wines opened that one night (due to the generosity of our hosts) follows...
    WARNING: some wines listed can be offending to those that were not part of this experience !

    Thanks also to Eddy and his Blackberry for allowing us to keep track of all the wines tasted

    Below are the supper wines...
    Champagne Gosset, 2000 Olivier Leflaive Montrachet, 1999 Marc Colin Montrachet, 2000 Drc Montrachet, 1982 Bon Pasteur, 1997 Corton Charlemagne Remoissenet, Mag 1982 Latour A Pomerol, 1978 Hermitage La Chapelle, 1996 Harlan Estate, 1985 Groth, 1974 Marthas Heitz, 1990 Rayas mag, 1989 Rayas, 1961 Lynch bages, 1975 La Mission HB, 1957 Richebourg Remoissenet, 1959 Clos Vougeot Remoissenet, 1978 Richebourg Remoissenet, 1962 La romanee Leroy, 1982 Mouton in Magnum, 1990 Beausejour, 1959 Latour, 1961 Latour, 1959 Latour Haut Brion, 1961 La Mission HB, 1959 La Mission HB, 1989 HB mag, 1982 Lafleur mag, 1945 Gruaud Larose mag, 1990 Richebourg Drc, 1997 Gewurztraminer SGN Hugel, 1986 SGN ZH Heimbourg Gewurztraminer !!!


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    September visit to the US


    Stephan Asseo

    Just back from a 10 days trip to the US starting with a flight to NY JFK on september 11... quite a tight security at the time of boarding in Europe.

    Annual trade tasting organised by our common NY wholesaler Frederick Wildman that my good friend Stephan Asseo just joined in New York. Stephan left France 7 years ago with his entire family and found l'Aventure Vineyards in Paso Robles California. He lately became the new hot winery in California with a stunning 98/100 from Robert Parker

    More "September visit to the US" »

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